Hawk Electric Moped with Removable Lithium - 2022 EBSC026

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Description:  Hawk Electric Moped with Removable Lithium - 2022 EBSC026

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The Sunra Hawk electric moped boasts a stunning design, and is equipped with a comfortable, plush padded seat big enough for two people. It measures L 200 cm x W 90 cm x H 127 cms, and is powered by a robust 1800W DC brushless motor.

Key Features of the Sunra Hawk Electric Moped

  • Measures L 200 cm x W 90 cm x H 127 cms/weighs 83 kgs
  • Powerful 1800W DC brushless motor
  • Class leading removeable 72v/20Ah lithium battery 
  • 56 kms (35 miles) riding distance per full charge
  • Two 12-inch tires/regen braking system
  • 12-degree uphill climbing capacity
  • 3 colors available — red, blue and black

Sunra Hawk Electric Moped Overview

The Sunra Hawk electric moped is a feature-rich and versatile commuting solution, designed to offer excellent performance, safety, and convenience. Here are the detailed specifications and features of the Sunra Hawk:

Key Features:

  1. Battery and Charging:

    • Battery: Removable 72V/20Ah lithium battery
    • Range: Up to 56 kilometers (35 miles) on a single charge
    • Charging Time: Approximately 6 hours using any 110V/220V, 50-60Hz outlet
    • Power Consumption: Less than 1.8 kWh per 100 kilometers
    • Cost to Recharge: Approximately £0.20p per full battery charge
  2. Performance:

    • Top Speed: Not specified, but optimized for urban commuting
    • Hill Climbing Ability: 12 degrees
    • Tires: Two 12-inch tires for excellent road grip, even in mild wet conditions
    • Weight: 83 kg without the battery
  3. Safety and Control:

    • Brakes: Equipped with a regenerative braking system for superior stopping power
    • Mudguards: Front and rear mudguards to prevent water splashing
    • Lighting: Bright and large headlights for visibility
    • Mirrors: Two side view mirrors for improved rear visibility
  4. Design and Additional Features:

    • Display: Large, crisp, and intuitive display showing speed, trip, and mode information
    • Kickstand: Included for convenient parking
    • Connectivity: Integrated FM tuner, Bluetooth stereo, and USB port for mobile device connectivity and charging
    • Color Options: Available in black, blue, and red


The Sunra Hawk electric moped is designed for efficiency and ease of use, featuring a removable 72V/20Ah lithium battery that provides up to 56 kilometers (35 miles) of range on a single charge. The battery charges fully in about 6 hours and is cost-effective, consuming less than 1.8 kWh per 100 kilometers, which translates to a low cost of approximately £0.20p per charge.

Performance-wise, the Hawk can handle 12-degree inclines and is equipped with 12-inch tires that ensure good traction, even in wet conditions. The moped's weight of 83 kg (without the battery) makes it easy to maneuver for riders of all skill levels. Safety features include a regenerative braking system, mudguards, bright headlights, and side view mirrors for comprehensive road visibility.

The Hawk also emphasizes rider comfort and convenience with a large and intuitive display, connectivity options like an FM tuner, Bluetooth stereo, and a USB port for charging devices. Available in three colors—black, blue, and red—the Hawk combines style with functionality, making it a great choice for modern urban commuting.

With its comprehensive features and eco-friendly operation, the Sunra Hawk electric moped stands out as an efficient, reliable, and stylish mode of transportation.


 Manufacturers Specification.

Road Tax Payable:


Co2 Emissions:


Regen Braking:


Brake System (front/rear):

Disc Brake/Drum Brake

Max. Speed:

28mph, 45kmph

Range per charge:

up to 35 Miles or 56 Kms on 1 Lithium Pack

Battery Weight:


Net Weight (no battery):



L 200cm x W 90cm x H 127cm

Rated Motor Power (W):

1800W DC Brushless Motor



Battery Type:

Removable Lithium 72v/20Ah expandable

Charging Input:

110v/220v 50-60hz


Black, Blue, Grey, Red

Charging Time:

6 hours to full

Approx. Charging Cost:

0.20p (full)

Outlet Required:

Standard UK 3 Pin Socket

Tyre Size:

3.5" x 12"


12 deg.(25%)



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