Payment Failed or Declined?

Payment Failed or Declined?

 There can be various reasons for a payment to fail or be declined. Here are some common reasons:

 1. funds: The account or card being used for the payment does not have enough money to cover the transaction.

2. Incorrect card details: The card number, expiration date, CVV code, or billing address provided during the payment process are incorrect or do not match the information on file with the card issuer.

3. Card expired: The card being used for the payment has expired and needs to be replaced with a new one.

4. Card restrictions: The card may have certain restrictions, such as being limited to in-country use only or having a maximum spending limit.

5. Card blocked or flagged: The card issuer may have flagged the transaction as potentially fraudulent or suspicious, resulting in the payment being declined.

6. Payment processor issues: Technical issues or errors on the side of the payment processor or the merchant's payment gateway can cause the transaction to fail.

7. Bank authorization failure: The bank that issued the card may have declined the authorization request for various reasons, such as security concerns or account restrictions.

8. Network connectivity issues: Connectivity problems or interruptions in the payment processing network can lead to payment failures.

9. Payment gateway errors: Errors within the payment gateway used by the merchant can cause transaction failures.

10. Exceeding transaction limits: Some cards or accounts have limits on the amount that can be spent within a certain time period, and exceeding those limits can result in a payment failure.

11. Incorrect security code: If the CVV or security code entered during the payment process does not match the one associated with the card, the transaction may be declined.

12. Merchant-specific restrictions: Certain merchants or online platforms may have specific restrictions or requirements for accepting payments, and failing to meet those criteria can lead to a payment decline.

13. Primary Electrics hold payment in suspension until product is in the shipping procedure.

14. Primary Electrics will not  claim the payment if the item you have ordered has temporarily gone out of stock.

15. If you are paying for an item with extended delivery (Coming from Far East)
       Primary Electrics will process the payment

It's important to note that the specific reason for a declined payment may vary depending on the payment method, card issuer, and merchant. In case of a payment failure, it is recommended to contact the card issuer or the merchant's customer support to obtain more information about the specific reason for the decline.

 Payments via PayPal or Credit Card 

 Payments via PayPal or CreditCard are unfortunately susceptible to fraudsters. These payments are automatically verified by the financial institution that carries out our credit card payments. If your credit card is declined, the reserved amount will be refunded immediately. After this you can place your order again and pay via a different payment method.

Has your Klarna payment failed?

When you place an order with Klarna, Klarna checks a large number of factors within a second. Consider your personal data and the order amount. Based on this combination of data, Klarna tries to estimate whether you can pay for your order afterwards.

When you order from Klarna for the first time, your order may be refused with a large amount. Klarna would like to get to know you better as a customer first.

You will find more information and solutions on the Klarna website.