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Test rides E.B.S.C. 

  1. Test rides are a great way for our consumers to determine the superior performance of our range of electric vehicles first-hand. We invite you to book a test ride during business hours. There are several reasons why we encourage you test drive an electric bike or electric motorbike, electric scooter or electric moped.
  2. See if it’s a perfect fit – even though electric bikes and motorbikes offer near similar functionality as their manual and petrol powered counterparts respectively, they may feel a bit different if you have never ridden one before. For example, you’ve probably noticed that riding your own bike can feel a bit different than riding a friend’s or neighbours’ vehicle.
  3. Test riding one of our electric vehicles allows you to gauge its handling, and ensure that you will be able to control it. Further, it allows you to check out the brakes of the vehicle such as whether they are extremely sensitive for your liking and if it does indeed offer top notch braking power.
  4. Check out the space – if you’re one of the many riders that’s going to use their electric motorbike, scooter or bike for daily errands such as grocery shopping, etc., then you will probably want to check out the space a respective model offers. This makes it easier to switch to another one in case the space in your preferred model doesn’t meet your needs. Even though we do list the specifications and capacity of each model on our website, sometimes they may not give you a great idea to determine if the storage space is right for you.
  5. Explore the features – most if not all the vehicles we sell come loaded with features, and coming in for a test drive allows you to see them for yourself. And if you want a vehicle with less features or do without a few specific ones, you can glance through our lineup on the spot and make a great decision.
  6. For £95 we can bring the no licence scooter / electric moped / electric motorbike to your address and if you purchase we will refund the £95
  7. Please get in touch with us, and we will book your test drive, so you can make an unmatched decision.
E-Mail: info@primaryelectrics.com
Mobile: 07970889341