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We are PRIMARY ELECTRICS a WEB RESEARCH company which reviews, promotes,  and lists electronic  scooters, electronic bike kits,  electronic bikes, and mobility scooters. 


To connect manufactures and suppliers of travelling electronic equipment which meets the needs of our customers and enhances the environment in which we live. 

Your freedoms enhanced..

Your manoeuvrability, style, and freedom, with half the effort. That’s 100% of what an electric scooter, electric bike kit, electric bike, or mobility scooter,  from PRIMARY ELECTRICS can do for you.

Ever had those days, stuck in traffic, waiting for others to budge a little before edging on the accelerator. We’ve all been there

Now imagine yourself zooming through traffic, with amazing speed Get ready to explore the city through a new route, not the one restricted only to motorised vehicles, stop for a cup of coffee on the way before work, or maybe even two. Our electronic equipment opens new avenues for you to commute, take creativity into your own hands, literally.

At PRIMARY ELECTRICS, we also take the principle “The Freedom To Explore Anywhere” very seriously. In fact, we want everyone to ride our electronic equipment instead of using fossil fuel guzzlers.

At PRIMARY ELECTRICS we aim to bring forth exploration to any age,
we market power assist bicycles that could easily reign over rugged roads and physical limitations. So even the elderly can enjoy the thrills of riding
the bikes they love, with a fraction of effort.

Simply put: There’s a place in your heart for Bicycles, Electric bicycles to be exact. Try PRIMARY ELECTRICS, take back your freedom.

Purchase an electric scooter, electric bike kit, electric bike,  a mobility scooter or an electric motorbike today .

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