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When a stolen bike is recovered, it's often difficult for police to return it or prosecute offenders, as the owner can't be traced.

A crucial step to protecting your bike, and getting it back if it gets stolen, is to register it on a secure, recognised national database. 

BIKE REGISTER Link The National Cycle Database | BikeRegister

BikeRegister is free and used by every UK police force to search for stolen and recovered bikes.

Registering gives you a lifetime registration in the database, and a logbook to use as proof of ownership. 

Recording as many details as possible – such as a photo of your bike plus the bike's model, frame number and colour – makes it more likely that the police will be able to return your bike to you to you if they find it in the possession of thieves.

However, it doesn't make it a less appealing target for criminals. 

We recommend buying a security-marking kit, as this will put a visual deterrent on your bike. 

How to security-mark your bike

When you sign up to BikeRegister, you can buy a database label or stamp to put on it. This will also give your bike a completely unique reference number (as not all frame numbers are unique), making it even easier to reunite you with it if it's found.

Security-marking can also act as a valuable deterrent to would-be thieves, as they know that if they're caught with a registered bike, it's easy for the police to prove the bike is stolen and arrest them.

A variety of security-marking options are available. For example, you can pay for one of the following when you sign up to BikeRegister, or you can purchase them directly at bike retailers such as Halfords.


  • Membership Plus Kit £12.99 - two durable, tamper-resistant barcode labels that can be stuck to your bike. Recommended for frames that are uncoated.
  • Permanent Marking Kit £19.99 - DIY chemical etching kit that permanently marks your unique code on to the bike frame. It also includes a tamper-resistant label. This kit isn't recommended for uncoated frames (that aren't painted or lacquered).
  • UV Covert Kit £29.99 - DIY kit that etches your unique code on to the bike frame. It's invisible unless seen under UV light, so doesn't change your bike frame's appearance. It also includes a tamper-resistant label. This kit isn't recommended for uncoated frames (that aren't painted or lacquered).

 What to do if your bike is stolen?

you should contact the police as soon as possible. 

Adverts to sell stolen bikes usually appear online within 24 hours of the theft, although sometimes it takes longer.

The following steps will maximise your chance of getting your bike back:

Contact the police If the theft is in progress call 999, otherwise you can report it the  The National Cycle Database | BikeRegister which has has a police contact database that gives you information on how to contact your local police force. If the theft occurs on public transport, call the British Transport Police on 0800 405040.

Give as much detail as possible Let them know which database your bike is registered with (if any) and its ID number, and provide a photo and as many other details as you can. 

Alert a bike database Even if your bike isn't registered, you can still report it to the database as stolen.  The National Cycle Database | BikeRegister page on reporting a stolen bike guides you through the steps you need to take. Doing this makes it easier for the police to prove a bike is in the wrong hands.

Keep an eye out for an advert online Websites such as Find that Bike and Bikeshd (London specific) list adverts for bikes placed on online marketplaces, making it easier for you to spot your stolen bike if the thief tries to sell it.

Should I get bike insurance?

Ultimately it's your choice, but if you have a valuable bike that you'd struggle to afford to replace if it was stolen, then making sure it's covered by insurance is a sensible precaution. 

But before you buy a dedicated policy, check your home contents insurance policy. Often, cheap to mid-range bikes are covered as standard under a contents or combined buildings and contents home insurance policy. 

Not every policy covers bikes as standard, though, and even if yours does it might not cover everything you need it to. For example, your bike might only be covered if it's stolen from within your home, or up to a certain value (ranging from a few hundred pounds to more than a thousand, depending on the policy). 

If you want to cover your bike while you're out and about, you might need to buy an add-on from your insurer. Alternatively, you could buy a standalone, specialist bike-insurance policy. This might also be your best bet if you want to insure a high-value bike, such as an electric bike or high-end racing bike.

Specialist insurance for a high-value bike typically costs between £150 and £300 a year, but such policies often provide higher levels of cover and extra features. Depending on the policy, these can include:

  • theft or damage cover anywhere in the UK 
  • bike damage due to an accident while on the road
  • damage while in an official race
  • lost race fees if you can't compete
  • personal accident pay-out if you're seriously injured
  • theft or damage to bike accessories
  • roadside assistance.

Whatever type of insurance you have, you must secure your bike properly when you're not using it. Some policies might not pay out if your bike is stolen and it wasn't properly secured; check the small print carefully to make sure you know what 'properly secured' means to your insurer
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Access BikeRegister from anywhere.

The BikeRegister website is fully responsive, allowing customers to access their account, and Police to check stolen bikes, on smart phones and tablets whilst on the go. The site also enables members of the public to check 2nd hand bikes to assist them in trying to avoid purchasing stolen goods.

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