Test Rides

Test Ride Electric Bike!

We have a direct to consumer policy which helps to keep the selling price of our bikes as low as possible. For this reason we do not need a network of dealers up and down the country.

1. Test Ride

You can Test riding one of our electric vehicles in the Category "EBSCR " which allows you to gauge its handling, and ensure that you will be able to control it. Further, it allows you to check out the brakes of the vehicle such as whether they are extremely sensitive for your liking and if it does indeed offer top notch braking power.

2. Finance

For £95 we can bring the no licence scooter / electric moped / electric motorbike to your address and if you purchase we will refund the £95.00

3. Book a Test Ride

Please get in touch with us, and we will book your test drive, so you can see if it’s a perfect fit – even though electric bikes and motorbikes offer near similar functionality as their manual and petrol powered counterparts respectively, they may feel a bit different if you have never ridden one before. For example, you’ve probably noticed that riding your own bike can feel a bit different than riding a friend’s or neighbours’ vehicle.

4. Downside

Of course, the obvious downside of this business model is that it is not possible for you to call in to your local bike dealer to try one out!

5. Upside

However because you are buying the bike online you have a statutory right to return it within 14 days.

6. So order your bike and try it out.

If you decide it is not for you just let us know within 14 days and you can return it to our suppliers. Alternatively we can arrange to have it uplifted and we will refund your payment less the cost of the return transport.

 Contact us on mobile: 07970889341 

Email: info@primaryelectrics.com