Elite CX City Electric Bike - EBSCR500 STH

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Description:- Elite CX City Electric Bike - EBSCR500 STH

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Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to commute on a daily basis? If yes, Elite CX City Bike can be an ideal bicycle solution that offers a seamless fusion of innovation, endurance, and style. The maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, sturdy aluminium body, and 36V, 20Ah LG cell battery make it a perfect option for people who are looking for cost-effective yet durable electric bicycle solutions.

Key Specifications:

● Frame: Aluminium frame
● Max speed: 25 km/h
● Running range: 70–75 km
● Motor: 36V/250W XOFO smart rear
● Battery: 36V, 20Ah LG cells battery
● Charging time: 4–6 hours, 3A Sans charger
● Display: colourful LCD display
● Controller: Lishui controller
● Loading capacity: 150 kg
● Brakes: Tectro hydraulic brake, without power cut
● Gear: Shimano ACERA 7 Speed
● Tyres: Maxxis 27.5x 2.1 puncture-resistant tyre, reflective line
● Brake: Tectro hydraulic brake, without power cut

The Elite CX electric bike offers several compelling advantages tailored for urban and rugged terrain cycling:

  1. Top Speed and Terrain Handling:

    • Capable of reaching 25 kilometers per hour, suitable for city streets and rugged terrain.
    • Provides a smooth and comfortable riding experience across various surfaces. 
  2. Powerful Motor and Battery:

    • XOFO smart rear motor (36V/250W) offers efficient propulsion.
    • LG 36V, 20Ah battery provides a generous range of 70-75 kilometers.
    • Quick charging time of 4-6 hours with the 3A Sans charger minimizes downtime.
  3. LCD Display and Controller:

    • Colorful LCD display provides real-time information on battery level, speed, and ride statistics.
    • Responsive Lishui controller enhances control and personalization of the riding experience.
  4. Safety Features:

    • Tectro hydraulic brake ensures reliable stopping power even in challenging conditions.
    • Braking effectiveness remains intact even without electric assistance.
  5. Gear System:

    • Shimano ACERA 7 Speed gear system ensures smooth gear changes for a comfortable ride.
    • Enhances efficiency and adaptability to varying terrains.
  6. Tyres for Stability and Safety:

    • Maxxis 27.5×2.1 puncture-resistant tyres with reflective lines provide excellent traction and stability.
    • Ideal for low-light conditions, ensuring visibility and safety.
  7. High Loading Capacity:

    • Supports a greater loading capacity of 150 kg, accommodating essentials for daily use on any road type.
  8. Overall Benefits:

    • Offers convenience, eco-friendliness, and robust performance for electric cycle enthusiasts.
    • Suitable for daily commuting and recreational rides with its versatile capabilities.

The Elite CX stands out as a comprehensive electric bike solution, combining efficiency, safety, and comfort to cater to various riding needs in urban and challenging environments.


Manufacturers  Specification.

Frame :

Aluminum frame

Front fork :

Suntour NEX hydraulic suspension

Motor :

XF Smart Rear Motor 36V /250W

Display :

colorful LCD display

Controller :

LISHUI controller

Battery :

36V,20Ah LG cells Battery
Recharge time 4-6 hours

Charger :

3A Sans Charger

derailleur gears :

Shimano ACERA 7 Speed

Performance :

Max speed: 25km/h
Running range: 70-75 km
Loading: 150Kgs

Components :

Gears: Shimano ACERA 7 Speed
Tectro hydraulic brake, without power cut
Wheel/rim: 27.5"x2.1" Tires: Maxxis 27.5x 2.1 puncture resistant tyre,reflective line

Carton Size :





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