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Beast 1500W - Extreme e-biking

Immerse yourself in the indomitable spirit of adventure with the Beast 1500W from CycloTricity. Seamlessly wedding exquisite UK tradition with advanced technology, this bike is designed for adventurers who dare to stray from the beaten path.

With its exceptional full suspension feature, this beast of a bike takes thrill to a new height, ensuring a ride as smooth as it is exhilarating on those untamed trails. Built with a standard 250W motor, it is meticulously engineered to deliver an enjoyable ride filled with gentle winds and striking landscapes. Braced for more adrenaline-pumping action? Fear not! With CycloTricity's assistance, you can enhance your Beast 1500W to achieve an awe-striking output of 1500W, liberating you to conquer the wildlands with unrivalled dynamism!

This full-suspension bike features advanced shock absorption, allowing you to glide over rocky terrains as though you were airborne. Additionally, its streamlined design, quick charging, and long-enduring battery capacity create a synthesis of convenience and performance rare to come by.

Key features:

  • Brushless rear hub motor (reaches maximum speed allowed by UK/EU regulation while in default mode, i.e. 15.5mph. 30mph after modification).
  • LCD dashboard: controlling power output and featuring a speedometer function. 5 pedal assist power modes
  • Thumb throttle (optional extra)
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Tektro Disc brakes
  • battery: 48V/16Ah Lithium-ion battery
  • Charger: UK plug charger with LED indicating the level of charge (charges within 5 hours)
  • Frame size: 18″  Alloy 6061 frame
  • Suspension: 100mm & Rear 100mm Air Shock
  • Gears: 9 speed Shimano Altus drivetrain
  • Rims: Alloy double-walled
  • Saddle: PVC leather
  • Bell: Included
  • 1-year warranty
  • Total weight of e-Bike including battery: 24kg

Embody your adventurous side with the Beast 1500W, an off-road bike that knows no limits and honors no bounds.


Classed as a Powered Transporter, this mountain e-bike is officially and legally intended for off-road use only. Please find more about these specific regulations here. In the spirit of responsible riding, we require customers wishing to upgrade their bike's power output to sign a disclaimer confirming their understanding and acceptance of the terms of use, safety precautions and regulatory requirements.

Shipping and Returns

 30 days 100% money-back guarantee

We offer a 30-day return policy provided the products are returned in clean, perfect condition with all tags intact and in their original packaging. Shipping costs for any returns are not covered (although we can arrange for our courier to collect the item for a fee). Damaged goods will incur salvage costs subject to the discretion of Cyclotricity. All exchanges will incur a return shipping fee.

Free delivery applies to all items £500 and above within the mainland UK.

Delivery is usually between one and five working days on all stock items. we will notify you if the delivery is going to take longer. Free delivery is for mainland UK only, please contact us for additional postage charges if purchasing in Northern Ireland, the Highlands, non-mainland areas, the British Isles, the Republic of Ireland, and Europe.

Assistance can be offered if you do not feel confident with the assembly of any of our products. Most Bikes arrive 95% ready to ride (within the mainland UK) with just the need to straighten the handlebars and fit the pedals. To do this only a minimal amount of tools are required, these will generally be a 15mm spanner and a set of Allen keys. 

Once you receive your delivery, please go to our support section, download all relevant materials, and follow the setup instructions. We accept no liability for incorrect fitting. when you receive your bike:



Unboxing a Cyclotricity E-Bike


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Frequently Asked Questions


Which drive is right for me?

The most cost-effective strategy in a kit purchase is working out in advance what you’ll generally use it for. That way, you can pick a configuration suitable for your needs without adding unnecessary costs. Front and rear drive kits both have their own unique characteristics. We have divided our kits into four categories that generally cover the needs of most people. To help you narrow down what’s right for you, here is a summary of the main differences: 

250W Front Drive

The front drive kit is a geared hub motor which means it is a lot smaller and lighter than its rear drive counterparts, in fact, it is barely noticeable as a motor once installed. In other words, if a lightweight and well-disguised kit is of importance, this is a good option to consider. Combined with pedalling, it gives an all-wheel-drive experience offering better stability and weight distribution with the battery. It is also a lot simpler to install than a rear drive as there is no need to readjust any gears. Even though 250W is less power than the other categories, remember that 250W is the maximum power legally allowed on-road, so it is a perfectly adequate hill climber with equivalent power to the majority of purpose-built electric bikes on the market. The front drive kit is also the most cost-effective, in other words, if you intend to use the kit on-road most of the time and spend as little as possible, this would be the pragmatic choice.

500W Rear Drive

We’ve introduced this category as it uses the same 36V batteries as the front drive motors. Which makes this kit strike the perfect balance between cost and power. Prices are not much higher than the 250W front drive but with the benefit that once you add the LCD computer, you can de-restrict it (for off-road only) and get a glimpse of some of the power that you can experience with the high power off-road kits. In other words, it is the best of both worlds at great value. The only downside is it’s heavier than the 250W front drive kit. This kit is recommended for you who are on a budget, does most of cycling on-road, but want the occasional off-road fun added, and don’t mind a slightly heavier bike. Please note that the kit will be supplied restricted to 250W by default and will require the LCD add-on to de-restrict it to the full 500W for off-road use. 

1000W Rear Drive

This category is our favorite! Once you try it, you can never go back to anything else! It has been developed purely for the thrill seekers among us. Since it’s a 48V system, the battery makes it more costly than its counterparts. Having said that, it offers an adrenaline-fuelled ride rarely found in conversion kits. It is packed with torque, and power and will propel you to speeds up to 50km/h and climb incredibly steep hills. This kit is recommended for the outdoorsy spirit, the mountain biker, and you who appreciate the exhilaration that comes with speed and power. Please note that the kit will be supplied restricted to 250W by default and will require the LCD add-on to de-restrict it to the full 1000W for off-road use.

500W Middle Drive

This category is the all-rounder. It is as light as the 250W Front Drive but with the power of a 500W motor! In fact, it has torque much higher than the regular 500W Rear Drive kit, which makes it a much better hill climber. It is positioned in the middle of the bike for the best weight distribution there is. It uses a 36V volt battery which makes it a fairly cost-effective purchase. The PAS and LCD screen are included by default making for an extra cost saving. It is also suitable for non-standard bikes that has unusual forks where hub motors don’t fit.


For compliance, all our motors are restricted to a rated power of 250W and are incapable of exceeding this output. Any alterations to this constitute a modification to your vehicle and, therefore, impact its legal classification.

Should you need our assistance to modify your vehicle, you will first be required to sign a document affirming that:

- you will only use your vehicle on private land.

- you understand that your vehicle will no longer be classified as an "Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle (EAPC)”. But rather as a "Powered Transporter" 


Short Cuts to Additional Features. (EBSC)

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2. Delivery
3. Returns
4. Privacy
5. Terms and Conditions
6. Disclaimer


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