HIMI-Which Model Suits You Best?



The Moped-Style Bike

The original intention of moped-style design is to provide great convenience and sufficient comfort for riders.

Our best selling moped style E-Bike equipped with 48V Samsung battery and 20 x 4 inches fat tires. Dual Suspension and puncture-resistant fat tires provide incredible braking performance and stability. 250W motor power and 7 gear shift system make your riding easier under any cycling conditions. Want a moped-style E-bike with longer range, better performance and stronger power? Himiway Escape will always be your best choice.

All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike

An all-terrain electric fat bike can help you conquer any terrain. You can ride smoothly from forests to sandy beaches and dense snow.

The design of Himiway Cruiser and Himiway Zebra perfectly combines the unparalleled adaptability to complex cycling conditions with exceptional comfort. With 840Wh and 960Wh Samsung battery capacity and 250W motor power, 96-128km single range and reliable gradeability can be guaranteed. 26 inches fat tires provide tremendous grip and mechanical stability.

Softail Electric Mountain Bike

Himiway softail mountain bikes are specially designed for mountain biking enthusiasts, equipped with the best parts to ensure the rider's Safety.

Himiway Cobra and Cobra pro are both equipped with the largest fat tires in the U.S. market: CST "2.6X4.8" puncture-resistant tires. With the latest Samsung quaternary 960Wh battery, 80 miles with pedal-assistance can be guaranteed. Cobra pro is even equipped 1000W mid-drive motor and Shimano 10 speed gear shift system. Advanced four-bar linkage suspension design will perfectly keep the balance from front and rear to ensure your safety

Electric Cargo Bike

An electric cargo bike is specially designed for families. It can be used to carry goods, kids and adults.

Himiway Big Dog is just like its name, representing loyalty and reliability. It can carry 400 lbs capacity. Moreover, with 48V 20A Samsung quaternary battery and 250W motor with bigger inner rings, your big dog can reach 60-mile range with pure electric power and 80-mile range with pedal assist system. Carry your heavy cargos; bring your children to trails? The big dog will be just like your dog, accompanying you until the end of the day.



Question  Answer
What’s the difference between fat tires and regular tires? Fat tires provide stronger grip and traction, bring a more comfortable riding experience to the rider.
Which class of e-bike does Himiway belongs to? Both Himiway Cruiser series & Escape belong to the class2 ebike.
What’s the difference between Cruiser Black and Step-Thru? They’re generally similar, the differences are their frame design and the color.
What’s the size and weight of the shipping package? The package size of Cruiser series is 63×13×34 inches, weight 102 lbs; Escape package size is 60×12×33 inches, weight 115 lbs.
Are the handlebars adjustable? No, both the Escape and Cruiser series ebike handlebars are not adjustable.


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