How to set up your local cycling club

  1. Determine Club Goals: establish the purpose, objectives, and goals of the club.
  2. Find a Venue: choose a location for meetings and events.
  3. Establish Membership Criteria: determine the eligibility criteria for membership.
  4. Recruit Members: reach out to potential members through social media, local cycling events, and other channels.
  5. Set Up a Communication Channel: create a communication platform, such as a website or group chat, to keep members informed.
  6. Plan Activities: organize regular rides, races, and other events to keep members engaged.
  7. Set Club Rules: establish rules for behavior, safety, and participation in club activities.
  8. Organize Leadership: appoint leaders, such as a president and treasurer, to manage the club.
  9. Register the Club: register the club as a legal entity and obtain any necessary permits.
  10. Fundraising: identify ways to raise funds for the club, such as membership fees, sponsorships, and fundraising events.
  11. Insurance: obtain liability insurance to protect the club and its members.
  12. Build Community: encourage members to connect with each other and build a sense of community.
  13. Encourage Participation: create opportunities for members to get involved and contribute to the club.
  14. Promote the Club: use social media, local events, and other channels to promote the club and its activities.
  15. Partner with Local Businesses: build relationships with local businesses to secure sponsorships and support.
  16. Evaluate Progress: regularly evaluate the club's progress and make changes as necessary.
  17. Encourage Safe Riding: educate members on safe riding practices and encourage their adherence.
  18. Recognize Achievements: recognize and reward members for their achievements and contributions to the club.
  19. Maintain Records: keep records of the club's activities, finances, and membership.
  20. Continuously Improve: continuously seek ways to improve the club and enhance the experiences of its members.


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