LED BA-C07 High Visibility Safety Jacket - EBSCR134

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Description:- LED BA-C07 High Visibility Safety Jacket

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The LED BA-C07 high-quality visibility jacket is a multi-purpose safety vest for cycling, riding, walking, jogging, and running during the night hours. It has a unisex design and can be worn over regular clothes without hindering movement.

Key Features:

  • Material: mesh+ grey reflective tape
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  •  LED Colour/Quantity: front white 6pcs, back red 6pcs
  •  Battery box: 550 mAh USB rechargeable battery
  •  LED flashing mode: stable bright — quick flashing — slow flashing — off
  •  Package: opp bag

The LED BA-C07 high visibility safety jacket is perfect for riders on bikes and scooters. It comes in a nice reflective colour that gives the rider more visibility in traffic. The vest makes them easily seen on the road both during the day and night, thus, helping in preventing any sudden collisions. The LED BA-C07 high visibility safety jacket is especially useful during the nighttime. It can be worn for multiple purposes including riding, jogging, walking, and more. The jacket is sleeveless and designed to be lightweight so that it doesn’t restrict any sort of movement. The material is made of soft mesh cloth and grey reflective tape. The LED BA-C07 high visibility jacket comes with bright LED lights on the front and rear of the safety vest. The front has 6 white LEDs and the back has 6 red LEDs. These lights are powered by a 550 mAh USB rechargeable battery. The LED lights come in 4 flashing modes – stable bright, quick flashing,
slow flashing, and power off.


Material  waterproof Polyester + reflective cloth + polyester lining
LED Colour/Qty White LEDs in front of vest , red LEDs in back of vest.
Controller 550mA USB rechargeable battery box .
LED flashing mode stable bright — quick flashing–slow flashing–off.
Package opp bag.






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