1. I've purchased one of your products and need a copy of the manual.

You can get a digital copy of all our product manuals, please visit our help and support section for more information. If you require a printed copy of the manual please contact us.

2. I have a technical problem with one of your products.

In the unlikely event of a technical issue with one of our products you should contact the retailer who sold you the item. They should be able to deal with your enquiry. Should you not know who to speak to, or still require further assistance please do get in touch and a member of our team will aim to help where possible.

3. I'm looking for a retailer for one of your products, where can I find them?

We are currently revamping our online retailer/stockist list, in the meantime please contact us with the product you would like to purchase and your approximate location and we’ll let you know which retailers are in your area.

4. What level of warranty do your products come with?

Our bikes typically have a standard 1 year Warranty although this does vary from range to range; If in doubt, please refer to your product pack, or take a look at the product information one of our retailers has available.

5. How often should I replace my e-bike battery?

Your Question not listed!

Email or Tel 07970889341