HiMIWAY - How to choose your E-Bike

How to Choose an E-Bike


First of all, the price of class 1 e-bike is relatively affordable, and it is allowed to ride on most roads, but the pedal assist design requires higher physical strength for the rider, so it is more suitable for people with short-distance commuting needs.

Compared to class 1, the class 2 e-bike with throttle design is not only good quality but also low price, and you will not feel tired during your cycling. It achieves the purpose of exercise without sweating a lot. It can save time or transport heavy objects and is absolutely suitable for all people, especially middle-aged and the elderly, and people with poor physical conditions. Whether it is used for all-distance commuting or vacation purposes, class 2 e-bike is your best choice. Both Himiway Cruiser and Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru belong to class 2 e-bike, and we believe that our products are the most cost-effective among similar bikes. 

As for class 3 e-bike, in addition to higher physical requirements for riders, compared to class 1 and 2, their price is certain to be higher. And the government has more rules for class 3 e-bike, many regular bicycle lanes and sidewalks are off-limits. If you are pursuing a higher speed and have a sufficient budget, an electric bicycle in class 3 will be more suitable for you.

Electric bicycles are divided into 1, 2, and 3 three classes in total. Classes 1 and 3 are only pedal-assisted and have no throttle, while bikes in class 2 have a throttle design. Class 1 and 2 e-bikes are allowed to ride on most bicycle lanes and trails, and there are more limits on class 3 e-bike. If you want to use it for all-distance commuting or vacation purposes, and don’t want to sweat, it could be a good choice to try class 2 e-bikes such as Himiway Cruiser and Step-Thru. All in all, electric bicycles are the general trend of transportation. Don’t miss the best time to try an e-bike.