HIMIWAY Customer reviews2

Great ebike

After watching many reviews of the Himiway Cruiser on YouTube I decided to take the plunge, and I'm glad I did.
At first the bike was a little difficult to get used to, the power/ torque is amazing!
The tyres are great and the range is good too!
Last but not least, the bike looks great, I really like the styling and the twist throttle is very useful when pulling away, especially on hills.
It's rated to 4mph but that's plenty to get you off the line.
The seat and big tyres makes for a very comfortable ride.

5 stars from me, I'm extremely happy with my purchase! Btw, I'm 6" 2 inches tall

02/22/2024 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
raymond walker

nearly 4 weeks to deliver my bike but now that i have it i love it i use it every day to go to and from my work and for pleasure on my days off .so many comments on it from people its amazing lol .thanks again .....ray

02/21/2024 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Nigel Hobbs
Oh my God

This is so much funny, I should have brought this bike last year.
The range is what you say,which is great & It's so comfortable. So we'll built. Well done would recommend this bike to everyone 😁

Would have been 5 if instruction were provided in English.

02/20/2024 E-bike Pump
Pedro Julio
Himiway Cruiser

Really good bike! It deliver everything and more in terms of speed and potential. The only thing that made me and I think a lot more people confused was the build in video because is from 2 years ago and the bike is different so if you guys could update the video, it would be nice.

02/20/2024 Electric Cargo Bike
Helio Rica
Adjusting the beast

This bike it’s a beautiful beast, it’s not in vain that is named Big Dog, yes you need to be careful handling that bike as you do with a real big dog, the power release is very strong after a small delay the monster will kick, good news is that you can domesticated this animal in the control settings, overall I love this bike.

02/19/2024 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Atanas Kyurkchiev
Good bike

Amazing bike with high quality materials and overall build, battery lasts very long but the fenders and kick down thing to hold the bike up screws all come loose during riding

Tail light

I still haven't received the tail light yet.

02/12/2024 E-bike Pump
Silviu Craescu

E-bike Pump

02/09/2024 Adjustable Bike Stem
Alan Dash
Handle bar riser

Needed a better riding position on my king cobra. so contacted Himiway support. They told me what I needed and a week later the riser arrived well packaged and undamaged. Very well made as well. Great service. Would gladly recommend

02/06/2024 Himiway Zebra Front-Mounted Basket
david bullock

Himiway Zebra Front-Mounted Basket

02/05/2024 Cruiser ST+Extra Battery
Alan Evans
Highway cruiser

Bike is brilliant, I am highly impressed, still waiting for spare battery

02/05/2024 After-sale order
Malcolm Hamlet
Great bike and fantastic company

Have decided to replace my old mountain bike with an electric one.
Done all my research and decided to go with a Himiway cruiser.
I wish i had done this years ago .The cruiser is a fantastic bike loads of power and so well made.
I'm a retired Engineer and the welding is so fantastic that i cant stop looking at the welds.
The bike is so capable and is such a pleasure to ride.
The help and support from Himiway is second to none.
Many thanks to Mike and Demi at Himiway support.
Off for a ride .

02/02/2024 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Kevin Hopkins
Himiway fat tyre all terrain mountain bike

This is a great bit of kit and it flies,The fat tyres help steady the bike when on mountain bike trails.and the communication on delivery is fantastic.The bike is big and will carry everything you need on those days out even if carrying your child without the loss of power,Brilliant

02/01/2024 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Stephen Huntington
Excellent bike, excellent company

I bought my Cruiser through a dealer, rather than directly from Himiway. Himiway organised direct delivery, using a fast and very courteous service with 2 man crew bringing the huge box inside and placing it where I wanted.

It was really easy to set up, with the hardest part lifting it out of the box. This is a BIG bike...ideal size for me.
Beautifully designed, solid and very much to my aesthetic taste.

I watched the setup videos before starting and would recommend everyone does the same. If you follow the sequence you will only need to do it once.

Mine came with a couple of issues around power assist level functionality, where only level 5 gave sufficient (full power) assistance, but customer service are working hard to resolve it. The included new style screen does not allow for user programming of power output of assist levels, like the old style one does. I'm sure it will be a simple fix, following customer service advice. For the week awaiting a new old style screen, I'll be on full assist.

My cruiser also came supplied with the new style oval headlight, which I think looks much better than the old style round one. I've changed the mount position closer to the handlebar though as it looks and functions better.

I'm so impressed that I will start saving for another Himiway model for next purchase

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01/28/2024 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Nigel Carder
Himiway Zebra

I already have a cruiser but just had to have the uprated Zebra. I was not disappointed as they are both great. I have put 1300 miles on the cruiser and 70 miles on the Zebra. I have not been disappointed as the Zebra is even better. They are fantastic value for money. Trust me you won’t be disappointed if you purchase one. Thanks Himiway I am so grateful being a larger person.

01/28/2024 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Neculai Nazar

the bike is great, the only inconvenience would be the speed of 25 per hour, I would have liked it to be at least 10 km faster

01/27/2024 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
mark coyle
Game changer of an e bike

Fantastic machine. Done 70 miles in first week. Mainly hills. So kills battery. But on flat and slight inclines. It’s perfect. Had slight issue with damaged forks out of box. But customer support is first class. Got sent new set. 5 stars from me.

01/26/2024 Bike Rack Pannier Bag
Mark Sampson

They are perfect and fit well and keep the rain out

01/25/2024 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
William Hughes
Great purchase, however.

This bike arrived with great time and the staff were lovely and responsive throughout. However there were a couple of caveats I feel they should have made clearer. They should have stated that free delivery does not include those who order from Northern Ireland. They should also remind buyers that are more unaware of bike laws in the U.K./EU that these bike models have their throttles capped to 6kpm/3mph speeds.

Nevertheless this product is great and was easy to build.

US Controller review

Better than the EU version. The speed of launch at junctions with the throttle only justifies the purchase alone, then start pedalling. Shame the EU legislation of so prohibitive.

01/24/2024 After-sale order
John Awcock
Replacement parts

Thank you for sending the parts it was a shame the bike came with the defect as it’s so well built and very comfortable still up and running now

01/22/2024 Long Range All Terrain Step Thru Electric Bike
Samrawit Legesse
vielen danke

Habe nun mein Fahrrad erhalten Danke nochmal an den Händler der mich auf der Suche nach meiner Bestellung wirklich gut unterstützt hat es hat sich echt gelohnt zu warten denn das Rad ist echt toll und von guter Qualität der Zusammenbau war kein Problem es gibt auch eine Beschreibung in gutem Deutsch dazu ansonsten hat das Rad meine Erwartungen erfüllt

vielen danke

Fahrrad hat eine tolle Qualität bin sehr zufrieden leider kann ich meine vorherige nicht so gute Bewertung wegen nicht eingehaltenen Liefertermin nicht löschen

hi we was very impressed with the bikes like i said if we can help to sell some from our offices in the essex area please let us know

01/16/2024 Bike Rack Pannier Bag
William Nicholson

Waterproof and high quality. Very spacious too. One small change I would make, especially for the price, is to swap out the velcro used to secure the sides to the frame for something more secure and easy to fix. I removed the velcro and used zip ties.

12/27/2023 After-sale order
Geoff Cooper
After market parts

Delivery is reasonably quick, takes a little longer if shipped from china but that's to be expected, recent delivery of a replacement motor (china) would have benefited trom better packaging, surprisingly the contents survived relatively undamaged.

12/19/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
William Nicholson
Excellent e-bike

Robust and powerful. One very small caveat is that you cannot use the throttle without pedalling and when using the highest pedal assist, your feet can slip from the pedals at high speed.

Himingway zebra purchase August 2023

Purchased in August 2023 Himingway zebra. First impressions a very well made bike but big and heavy but I new that. I assembled what needed to be done and charged the bike. First outing wasn’t the best ,I rode about 5 miles then going down a steep road I heard a grinding noise. This was when I pulled the back brake I inspected where the noise was coming from. All the bolts were missing from the wheel hub motor. I had to then remove the bolts from the rear rack what held the Himingway wooden plank. Thankfully they fitted and I managed to make it back home. To me this is very poor assembly quality and not acceptable. The other issue I had was with a puncture on the front tyre. It says puncture proof tyres on the tyre. This is a load of rubbish. I now have removed the existing inner tubes and replaced them with slime ones. I also carry a spare now in my pannier as they are too big to carry in your pocket. The other issue is that you need to hake power performance. It’s too fast for slow movement in and out of obstacles. Battery life is pretty good but not for 80 miles as stated. Also in my opinion it would few more gears as you end up ghost peddling. I also altered the handle bars they are too far away for me. Also I fitted a suspension seat post and seat. But all said it’s a good bike for the price and fun to ride. I would give 3 stars out of 5.

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12/13/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Richard Stevens
Don't underestimate this bike.

I currently weigh 260lbs, and this bike can easily carry my weight given it can carry 350lbs. I live in a rather hilly area, and my initial scepticism about 250w ebikes was dubious at first. I can reveal after going out on it 4 times now in various directions. The bike just eats the hills up and is a very pleasant experience. My ebike came with a different display and was a little tricky to understand at first. Thank god for YouTube. The bike itself is much bigger than any picture or video makes the bike look, and could be a little intimidating at first for people on the smaller end this bike height wise can carry.

Would I buy this bike again?



Can you let me know if you have a brighter light for the Zebra bike I can fit?

Hiimiway cruiser

Have recently bought a himiway cruiser i’ve been looking for electric bike for some time and decided to buy this one I can honestly say it’s one of the best electric bikes I have ever seen and would highly recommend to anyone looking for one The build quality is excellent and the service the company provides is 2nd to none

11/21/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Mark Sampson
Feels safe and comfortable

Had the Himiway cruiser for two weeks now , it’s replaced the car for my 4 trips to work a day and for trips to meet friends or do small shops. So amazing, I leave the house at 4:45am each morning into the cold and dark and often rain and I actually look forward to the 2 mile commute now . I generally go everywhere on asssit 4 and straight up a long hill from my house and the battery still has 3 bars and I have done 51 miles !!! . If you’re in Britain you can only throttle 3.5 mph as that’s the law but the assist is almost like not pedalling so all good. It’s very comfy and you feel safe , you definitely have a presence in the road and other vehicles treat you with respect. The after care customer service is very good too . I recommend Himiway great machines 👍🏼

11/20/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Matt Cooper
Himiway Cruiser

I love my Himiway Cruiser. It’s comfortable, looks great , easy to ride. The battery life is pretty good, I weigh around 94 kg and can get around 66 miles out of a charge. Would highly recommend especially for the price I don’t think you can beat it.

A Life Changer

I have a bad heart and I'm sadly overweight. This will definitely help me to get fit and hopefully lose weight. A Life changer.

It's an amazing bike. Thank you.

Broke it, fixed it

Had an acident on my Zebra, contacted customer support and new headlight delivered within 3 days.. chuffed.

11/09/2023 Himiway Bike Safety Helmet
Stan Spreadbury

Love the way this helmet sits on my head
Great fit light weight

11/08/2023 Bluetooth Bike Speaker

Brought item and thought I was getting the digital one with time and speedometer on it,but they sent me the plain one that wasn’t advertised on the website and they said sorry you got the right one,the one on the website was wrong,a load of rubbish.

11/08/2023 After-sale order
christopher Thompson

After-sale order

11/06/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Phil Tomlinson

Very good quality all round on the down side it is very heavy and difficult to start of especially on a hill. I use mine off road and would benefit from being able to enable the throttle to 15mph

11/03/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
david smith

so far, i have only covered 21km, but it was effortless. I put the bike together in a couple of hours the saw that I was supposed to watch the video first (to late)
so far, loving it .
looking forward to many miles of enjoyment.

11/03/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Moktar Ahmed

I loved it, this e-bike showed me how easy is to ride long distance plus very cheap to run it, 80 Miles i'll never need a car again in my life.
Any age can ride this e-bike, i love it i recommended to everyone that need a saving.

10/17/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Rebecca Eversham

I love it wished I had bought this bike long time ago makes riding a lot more easier

10/14/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Joni Tointon
Awesome bike

Had my himiway zebra now for around 1 week done 100+ miles very nice bike to ride (my body not quite up to it yet forgotten it had muscles in some places 🤣) I would highly recommend to anyone . Arrived promptly extra battery unfortunately took longer (out of himiways control )but support was very helpful went above and beyond 5 * all around

10/05/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Paul Skinner
Hand throttle

So far so good. Big heavy bike for a big heavy bloke. Lovely to ride with plenty of power in reserve. Can’t say how far I can go on one charge yet as only had time for a few short rides. Now the reason for dropping the star. It’s nothing to do with the bike it’s self but rather for Himiway not hi-lighting the fact that the hand throttle is limited to just 3mph. Yes I’m aware that on British highway that is the legal limit. But the bike is marketed as “all terrain” so off road where a hand throttle has no restriction it is of little or no use. After all the legal speed restriction of 15mph can easily be changed too and “illegal” 25mph so why not a user option to enable hand throttle. As my intended use is for forestry tracks as much as for hi-ways had I have known about it it might have had an influence on my decision.

10/03/2023 Himiway E-bike Handlebar Cover
Karen Humphrey
Handle bar cover

Nice shape to hold but they do keep moving round.

10/03/2023 Himiway Electric Mountain Bike
Paul Clive
Highway cobrs

Extremely satisfied with my purchase the pictures on the Web site do not do it justice, the bike is a beast love it

10/02/2023 After-sale order
Andrew McCaslin
Light fault

I receiving my Himiway Cruiser there was a fault with the front light
I contacted the customer service department and was delt with efficiently and a replacement delivered to my door in due course . Good product and after service

09/27/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
mr stefan dawson
himiway zebra

So far i am very happy with my bike although it shows kph instead of mph, i do realise that the setting can be changed but i dont want to change anything yet as its a new bike , i have tried to buy the front basket but it seems that it is unavailable in the UK, i used my bike for my camping trips and even fully loaded with panniers full it goes up hills at a breeze, 40 miles on full pedel assist so far and still to bars left on battery meter

09/26/2023 Zebra+Pannier Bag
david williams

Very nice product easy to fit and very pratical top item.

hemiway step through criuser

I purchased my cruiser after seeing my son's, the quality and finish are superb and much better than you would normally expect in this price range, customer support has been superb, quick, friendly and professional, having had a minor query with the LCD controller I was quickly reassured as to its suitability, was offered an alternative, which turns out not to be necessary and was compensated for my trouble, you cant say fairer than that, this standard of service is rare and I find it most refreshing, I would recommend hemiway for their high quality products and outstanding customer services.
Keep up the good work

09/20/2023 Long Range All Terrain Step Thru Electric Bike
Garry Whitehouse
Step thru - - more of a step over.

This bike is excellent. It has enabled me to get out and about on a bicycle since a serious accident in 2009 prevented me from using a conventional bike. Not being able to swing my leg over a bike, I thought a step thru model would be ideal. Sadly the step thru height is 24 inches - making it more of a step over, than a step thru. Maybe, with hind sight, the Big Dog model may have been better - but with no British dealers actually stocking Himiway bikes, there was no way I could have tried one first. Despite that, I've found the Himiway a great bike to ride. It copes well with the hills around here - I live down by a river, so every road leading away is uphill. OK - so I've only had the bike a few weeks, but so far, so good.

Well packaged & Speedy Delivery

From order to delivery it took around 9 days. The bike was very well packaged and protected from potential damage.
It came with a comprehensive instruction manual and it was very easy to assemble the bike using just the bike tool that was provided.
I’ve been out a couple of times and have found the Himiway Zebra to be everything I thought it would be.
Very happy

Cruiser step thru

My wife’s first e-bike , she had a knee replacement a few years ago and was struggling to keep up with the kids on bike rides , inclines we’re becoming a problem , but not now , she breezes up hills with ease and it has definitely put the fun back into riding a bike !

09/18/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Zeeshan Gulzar
Himiway cruiser

It’s a good bike overall but main problem after 2 weeks of buying this bike brakes doesn’t work properly they hardly stop the bike I pay 1500£ and just in 2 weeks brake gone wth bike is good but brakes so shit

09/16/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Andrew McCaslin
Car Replacement

Due to illness I have had to give up driving for three to six months
After a bit of thought and looking at reviews I decided to purchase a Cruiser. Delivered In three working days and the packaging was superb. I’ve used the bike for about two weeks and done 120 miles backwards and forwards to work
I’m 65 I’ve not cycled for over 40 years . I’m bloody impressed. The quality and finish is superb it’s fast enough flat out to move very well in town traffic . My commute to work is not killing me , in fact I’ve lost weight and am feeling fitter . A good purchase , might get a paper round when I retire next year. Brilliant Engineering

09/14/2023 Himiway EU version E-bike controller
Robert Teodorescu

Hi there ,
I want to buy the Himmiway cruiser controller , but I'm not sure if is the same for the Himmiway city pedelec. Can you let me know if is good for my bicycle this controller?
Kind regards

09/14/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Stephen Peat

very cool bike, no issues

09/14/2023 After-sale order
Simon Lynch
Replacement gear hanger

Bike arrived and indexing on gears was out and could not set it as the hanger had been bent during transport but contacted support and they were excellent and sent the replacement straight out and it arrived fast

09/13/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Alan Maddern
Himiway Cruiser

Brilliant bike I just cant fault it a good all round bike A1

09/04/2023 After-sale order
Yvonne Kirkham
Customer service exellent

Customer service excellent. Delivery not so good. Long delays waiting on receipt of goods and constant chasing up.

08/31/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Simon Vassallo Grant

Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike

Rear rack bag

First class bag .a bit pricey but well made .

08/28/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Anthony Buckle
Himiway Zebra

Easy assembly, bike is VERY heavy though, but feels nimble and fast when riding. My only criticism, is with the UK/EU laws, which dictate a max of 3.5mph on hand throttle. With such a heavy bike, you need to plan your junctions, as the hand throttle is next to pointless, and the motor takes a while to respond, during which time you're left struggling to get the bike moving, esp uphill. Not the bike's fault though. On the move, the bike is great; nimble feeling, but the heavy weight and fat tyres make for a stable, secure ride, even downhill in excess of 25mph.
Handlebars are a little low for me, but you can buy an extended riser and adjustable stem to put the bars where you want. Range seems good so far, but terrain, speed, amount of assist and size of rider will all have a profound effect. All in all, excellent ebike for the money.

08/19/2023 After-sale order
Michael Buxton
Replacement sensor

I had an issue with the pedal assist sensor (PAS) on my new Cruiser - it was occaisionally cutting out. I contacted Himiway and after diagnosing the issue they sent a free replacement under the guarantee. Prompt and helpful throughout. Excellent customer service.

08/17/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Sarfraz Ahmad
Sarfraz Ahmad

My short experience with himiway bike is fantastic, I wanna shre it with all those who will see my review.

08/16/2023 Himiway Cruiser Front-Mounted Basket
Nigel Carder
Himiway cruiser front mounted basket/rack

Great quality. Just remember to put the wiring of you bike down the space provided!

08/15/2023 After-sale order
Charles Brown
Multi Language Instruction Booklet

when my Cruiser arrived it came with the German instruction manual, I got in touch with Himiway and they had one sent out and it arrived within a week, so can't fault them on this one. I just hope that all my dealings with after sales are as simple.

Great bike

Absolutely loving my new bike, just need a front basket to complete the look

08/09/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Stewart Clark#
Great fun

I'm really enjoying going out every day on my Zebra. It's a been years since I've felt able to go out on a bicycle, and having something sturdy, yet nimble (when the motor engages) is great. It's fun to ride and the battery range lets me tour bike routes in my area with no worries. As my first ebike purchase I'm satisfied I made the right choice.

08/08/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Brian Scullion
Eye Opener

This bike is awesome and has opened up a wealth of cycling opportunities I wouldn’t have dreamed of tackling in a conventional bike. Great value and would definitely recommend it to anyone considering it.

08/07/2023 Bike Rack Pannier Bag
Simon Crimmins
Great bag that i use nearly everyday. There is 1 issue though.

I like the bags and think they are great. The only place where they fail is that there are no Zips to close the bags with. I live in the UK and it rains a lot. Rain and water can get in them which i found out the hard way. In sunny weather though, they are like i said. Great.

08/04/2023 After-sale order
Paul G Beddow

After-sale order

08/02/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Martin Wales
Amazing quality

I LOVE my new bike it's a solid heavy bike but I'm a heavy dude and it still helps me along with a good amount of pep unfortunately, the throttle only pulls you along for a couple of seconds so it helps from a hill or standing start but you have two pedal for the assistance to kick in on on all the reviews It never explained the throttle properly but this does make it UK legal regardless. My absolutely love my new bike. Solid and strong grate brakes and reasonably easy to put together whether I will recommend getting a friend to help. 5 STARS

07/31/2023 After-sale order
Replacement charger

I was sent the wrong charger out with my bike. However as soon as contacted Himiway they sent me a new one out straight away no argument or questions asked. Customer service was top notch as always. Few days after I received the new charger which works perfectly and looks like a quality piece of kit.
Very pleased.

07/28/2023 Himiway Escape pro Front-Mounted Basket

Great addition to the escape, well made and stylish.

07/20/2023 Long Range Moped-Style Electric Bike
Leonard Jackman
Escape pro

Absolutely love it great to ride on road and of road good strong e bike. Makes cycling a pleasure

07/18/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Jason Liddle
Himiway cruiser

100% happy with my purchase, well built ebike & easy to assemble & use.
I got delivery in 2 days. Would recommend to family and friends

07/04/2023 Himiway Electric Mountain Bike
Lyndon Ross
Life changing

I absolutely love my new cobra. I've already done 700 km and I've had it less than a week. It feels smooth and comfortable to ride and it fly's up hills.
I'm so happy with it.
I haven't stopped smiling
Thank you himaway x

07/04/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
James Cannell
My first e-bike is a Cruiser

I bought my Himiway Cruiser recently which was a very smooth and easy process. The bike came in 3 days and was quite easy to assemble despite it coming with a German Manual. My only disappointment was that Himiway support couldn't send me a hard copy English one and could only send an electronic one. However, so far, I am delighted with the bike. It performs well and has adequate power to help me with all the hills where I live and battery life is good. Long may it continue

Excellent value and build quality, but beware high step-thru height.

Little assembly required, good quality construction, delivered in single box, parts well protected in polystyrene. Front wheel supplied with quick release fitting.
The Step-Thru height, although promoted as a low step design, was higher than anticipated and proved difficult for me to mount and dismount safely. However that was more due to a limit of my mobility than a design issue with the bike.
I am a 78 year old who thinks he is 35!
Both the pedal assist mode and partial twist grip mode worked well and the in hub motor seemed to have plenty of torque.
Definitely recommended, great value for money.

06/22/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
John Berrange
Zebra step-over

Handsome looking bike, not as heavy as it looks, gets me down the road with no sweat. Excellent value for money, definitely recommend

06/20/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Caroline Jones

Absolutely loving my new bike.

Zebra step over

After my partner had a zebra step through I decided I needed one to keep up with her.
I can not fault the bike. It is amazing, pulls well even up hills, rides great and looks amazing. My gears were not correct out of box and needed adjusting but this is an easy fix.
The only issues I found was with the long delivery process and lack of updates from the courier company’s. I was told 6pm on the evening it would be delivered the following morning. Not good when you work full time and need to be in to receive the delivery. But I did always get a reply from Himiway customer service when I emailed and I found them to be polite and reassuring. I think the delivery process needs some tweaks but I am over the moon with my new bike.
As was my partner with her step through zebra. Looking forward to lots of fun.
Thanks Himiway.

06/20/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Robert Cairns

Bike delivered by two great guys with good communication when I had a free morning I took my time and put it together following the helpful tips and instructions of the tinkering turtle on you tube. The zebra is extremely well built and only required minimum work to make it ready for use. Charged the battery and we were ready to go. Now I’m a big guy and this thing feels extremely robust. It’s my first e bike and I’m still playing with the controls. How do I describe the effect of the pedal assist motor ?? Remember as a kid riding your bike and then getting your dads large hand on your back to propel you up the incline, well that’s the feeling… thanks Dad and thanks to Himiway. You put a smile back on my face.

06/14/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
robert mitchell
Himiway Zebra

This is my third electric bike and it does well on the mountain trails in Scotland
Only negative is the weight I am in my late seventies though and the throttle needs to be more responsive and powerful

Expensive but good quality products.

To fit the mirrors you have to move the brake levers and gear controls towards the centre of the bicycle so that space is created for the supporting brackets of the mirrors. Although reasonably clear it would have been useful if the mirrors had been identified as to left or right. The instructions could have been clearer on this point.Once mirrors in place the other controls can be slid back in place and tightened. As the brake levers are now nearer the centre of the handlebars full grip of the levers is reduced but this did not present a problem when riding. Adjusting the mirror positions is easy enough but you need to take time over it to get it right. The mirror stalks can turn on a ratchet which could be useful in event of a collision. Mirrors look good when installed and are indeed very fit for purpose when riding with comfortable views of traffic approaching behind. Good if rather expensive mirrors.

06/01/2023 Bike Rack Pannier Bag
roger helson
pannier bag

Very pleased with the panniers good quality and very strong lots of useful compartments these are used on a daily basis my bike is my only means of transport so all my shopping is carried in the panniers would recommend them to anybody

06/01/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Anthony Millar
Nice but ?

Enjoying the bike and getting use to pedal assist now. But would just like a bit more umph on the throttle I know it’s limited to 3mph in the UK but could do with it pulling away with a bit more torque at times to help get the bike going. Is there no way to alter this in the menus. But very happy at the moment.

05/26/2023 After-sale order
Tony Dixon
So good, I’ve ordered another one

So impressed with the king cobra, I bought this bike because I had trouble with my knees when riding my normal mountain bike. I use it for when we go away in our motorhome to get from place to place. The range is amazing and hills are like they do not exist anymore. On the downside. I have had to order another one so the wife can keep up with me👍👍

After a week with the bike.

This is my review after a week with the himiway cruiser.
So far this bike is great, it makes riding a bike almost effortless and it's alot of fun to ride around town. The bike is smooth and runs great out of the box. However there are some things that annoy me with this e-bike. The first issue is shipping times. From what I can tell it is very common to get a late delivery time with this bike. Another thing is the plastic mudguard clips, they just keep breaking on my bike and I can't find any replacements online that fit the himiway cruiser. I've contacted support for this so hopefully they send me some replacements or send me a link to somewhere I can purchase more. Also the bike is very clunky. Weighing in at around 42kg this is to be expected with this type of bike. However it is difficult to bring up and down stairs (this honestly is a minor annoyance) but apart from that the bike is great and is definitely a great bike for beginners. It's very future proof and you can basically mod it out as much as you desire. I gave the bike a major stress test over some bumpy fields and some rocky terrain and it's safe to say that this thing is a tank. I just wish instead of these plastic mudguard clips they instead had metal ones because I see these breaking alot over heavy use.

User picture
05/23/2023 Himiway Electric Mountain Bike
David Irvine
Happy Customer

The Himiway Cobra is everything its advertised to be. Is it a large bike? YES. Is it a nice looking bike? YES. Is it a fun bike to use? MOST CERTAINTY. Would I recommend it? TO RIGHT ✅️

05/18/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Vicky Cox
Excellent bike

I bought this for my son who is recovering from cancer to help with his exercise and fitness.He is very pleased with it. Would recommend it .

05/15/2023 Himiway Original Rear Rack for Cruiser
Paul John barrowclough
Himiway Cruise rear rack

I've had the rear rack 10 weeks now.
It looked just what I was looking for.
It fitted to my fat tyre bike.
Mounting points are reinforced so no flexing and it is well made and extremely firm on and off the bike as it is welded as one piece just 4 mounting points

User picture User picture User picture
05/09/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Claire Roberts
Great service & bike

Super fast shipping & great bike

05/05/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Richard Miles
Brilliant bike

The best thing I have bought in years. Good, price, fast delivery and easy to put together. The fat tyres and suspension give a comfortable ride. My recommendation is to find a quiet road to learn how everything works and avoid traffic until you've built up confidence. I like the pedal assist I get some exercise, although I have knee joint problems, so can't pedal too hard or long or pedal uphill. Longest ride to date was 25 miles which left more than half a battery to spare. It's also great for short trips around town.
One of the best selling points for me was that the bike comes with everything you'll need. Fenders (mudguards where I come from), lights, a rack on the back and a bell! Just get yourself a good lock as it attracts a lot of attention.

05/05/2023 Himiway Zebra Front-Mounted Basket
David Bendell
Great accessory

Very happy happy with it. It’s very sturdy and can take some weight. Quick and easy to attach and take off which is good as I’ll only need it when camping. It comes straight from China so it took a couple weeks to receive.

User picture User picture User picture
05/02/2023 Electric Cargo Bike
Mark Cockerill
Big Dog Review

The bike is awesome and attracts attention where ever I go. I am now 64 and my mountain bike pedalling days are over for me now, the power assistance on the Big Dog is huge and rekindled my love for the outdoors, just need better weather. The bike can go anywhere even off road and is incredibly stable. Stopping power on such a heavy bike is great thanks to the hydraulic brakes and you'll need it if you tinker with the settings and unleash all the power.

05/01/2023 Electric Cargo Bike
Tobias Beyer
A great e-bike

I am also a proud owner of a Big Dog Bike.
It arrived well packaged. All parts are intact except for a small paint scratch here and there. The assembly was effortless with the right tools. The conversion with the longer luggage rack was also no problem. The cable is long enough, you just have to pull it out of the housing a little more and reattach it. There was only a bit of tinkering to do with the front light with the basket, as the original holder is unfavorable for the basket.
After about 100km of test driving, my conclusion is very positive. The 7 gears work perfectly. The 250w e drive does a lot with 86nm and comes across well. The original settings are completely sufficient. The battery performance promises what it delivers. The bicycle chain tends to hit and rub on the frame. I got a piece of EPDM tape and attached it to the trestle stand. Now there is a buffer between.
A dampened seat post would be really great. I bought one because you can ride the bike with different tire pressures. With full tires you notice potholes and bumps. After a long search I found a suitable basket for the back. The basket also eliminated the problems of attaching luggage rack bags. I can also recommend it to every hobby angler e???
I wish you all a lot of fun with your bike.

User picture User picture
04/26/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
David Drew
Himiway zebra

Brilliant bike , really comfortable to ride . The fat tyres make a difference. Lots of power

My wife hadn’t ridden any kind of bike in years so there was a re-learning curve particularly with regards to how the bike handled. However the adjustability was very helpful for her 5’ height. She felt more secure on this bike and continues to get more comfortable using the various features. She likes it a lot and enjoys riding it.

04/26/2023 Electric Cargo Bike

There has been snow on the ground most of the time since my Big Dog arrived so I have only gone on two short rides. I throughly enjoyed the rides and was very comfortable with the suspension seat post and cushion seat.

I didn't know what to expect from an ebike but thoroughly enjoy the comfort as compared to a "racing" bike; especially at my age. It meets all my expectations. My only desire would be one more gear since I really like pedaling and cruising at 20+ mph. The bike can move!

We love our Cruiser step through in white and our black non-step through. Even at 70 years we are so pleased with the freedom to enjoy our neighborhood that our bikes provide! Thank You Himwiay Bikes!

04/26/2023 Himiway Electric Mountain Bike

I weigh 250 lbs and road around 50 miles so far. With pedal assist 4 i average 25 miles. Very sturdy. I love how light weight this e-bike is. I live on a hill and i can ride up it with nearly no effort. Great experience so far. I am really impressed so far. Especially how well it handles my weight

04/26/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike

Better than expected. Really good build quality, well made components. Plenty of speed, power and range. Best value. I would absolutely recommend.

04/26/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
William Chloe

Researched several electric bikes before purchasing and kept coming back to Himiway. Has almost 100 miles on it already. No issues - Love it - Great Value!

04/22/2023 Electric Cargo Bike
David Halletz
Great bike with small defects

The bike gives me significant advantages in terms of my mobility. I actually "only" bought it for shopping and visiting my parents, with the assumption that it could also encourage me to go on short tours and walks. In fact, it now often replaces the car for short journeys and even going for a walk is a lot of fun!
The assembly was very easy and was almost complete with the tools provided. The range has impressed me so far, I hope it stays that way.
However, there are small defects: The saddle was slightly bent upon delivery, which I was able to correct with muscle strength. In addition, the brakes have to be tightened from time to time, but you can use the tool provided for this. In addition, the chain hits the center stand annoyingly when driving over bumps, creating a ringing noise. However, I was also able to solve this easily with a neoprene chain guard.
All in all, a great bike that stands out thanks to the tires and the moped style and can easily handle rides through forests and off-road terrain!

User picture User picture
04/21/2023 Adjustable Bike Stem
roger helson
adjustable bike stem

Very good quality easy to assemble it has made a fantastic different to my riding pleasure 100% recommend it

04/17/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
David Bendell
Very impressive

Can’t believe how good this bike is for the money. My friend had a ride on it and bought one immediately 👍😁

04/15/2023 Electric Cargo Bike
Samuel Lucy

This is my first electric bike and I am totally impressed. I have a sore knee and so sometimes I need my bike to do some of the work when that leg gets tired. This bike is fast, fun and easy to unpack and get on the road with.

04/15/2023 Electric Cargo Bike
Sylvia zum Beck
The bike is great!

The bike exceeded my expectations. Setting it up was no problem even without knowledge of English.
The only negative thing is the lamp holder at the front, since I also use the front bike basket from Himiwaybike, it is mounted too high, otherwise the basket hits the lamp and bends the front mudguard.
The performance is very good. It is the link between bicycle and moped.

04/14/2023 Electric Cargo Bike

She meaning my Big Dog. Arrived in perfect condition I had to wait until my Birthday to try Ridding her for the first time she meaning miss Big Dog is incredibly Fun And Powerful at the same time I want to say thank you all at Himiway for making my dream come true sincerely

04/13/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Gail Pyatt
Himiway Zebra

I love the overall quality of the bike. It surpasses all my expectations and we are now considering buying a second bike. And a excellent service from start to finish. Thank You

04/13/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Tom Graham

I have purchased quite a few bikes over the years, however this is the best by far. A brilliant ride, build and great looks.
Just require some more sales and servicing outlets in the north of Scotland (UK) 🇬🇧

Fantastic bike zebraaaa

Just take the risk. I know we can't try them out but take the risk. It's honestly the best thing I ever done. Sold my car and bought this.

04/10/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Laimontas Bajarunas

Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike

03/24/2023 Electric Cargo Bike
Dimitri D??hl
Big Dog

Very satisfied. Fits very well for me and my small town.

03/23/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Robert Broster
Zebra, oh yes

Cracking ride, very comfy and very quick too. Still got to adjust my pas settings to make it a little smoother, but one 18 mile ride in and I'm very happy

03/21/2023 Himiway Electric Mountain Bike
Franck Lamy
Great looking bike , love it !

Delighted with this bike , looks great , rides great and comfortable. One big disappointment is that the bike has been tuned down to 4.5 mph when using throttle , even in the uk this is only 1/3 of the legal speed limit on e bikes . Big disappointment Himiway ! Please fix this for me .

Must have addition

This is an excellent accessory to have and gives you a lot more options with your bike. It is very well made and strong, the capacity is great especially with the drop down saddlebags. You can easily carry all your accessories in it such as a bike lock, pump etc and still have room for your shopping if you need to go to the shops. The removal padding will work well for anyone wanting to carry delicate equipment such as camera equipment and lenses. It is easy to attach to your luggage rack and equally easy to remove. It has a carry handle or an alternative shoulder strap

03/16/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Eddie Jefferies
Start of a long term review

Link to review


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03/14/2023 Long Range Moped-Style Electric Bike
Tom Graham
Himiway Escape Pro

An excellent bike, fantastic suspension and built extremely well.

02/28/2023 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Michael Edwardson
This is the bike you need

Absolutely blown away how good this purchase has been
The bike is even better than I thought
Thank you Himiway


Fantastic, I wish I had my bike to put them on to try them out , I’ve paid for my bike but it hasn’t come 😟😟😟😟😟

02/14/2023 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
sandra midgley
Fat bike

This bike is amazing really well built and sturdy..looking forward to hours of enjoyment.

02/13/2023 Bike Rack Pannier Bag
sylvia Furlong
Bike panniers

Good stong quality panniers very pleased with them I will shop again with Himiway

02/05/2023 Electric Cargo Bike
good, but...

We already own an Escape Pro and are thrilled with its climbing abilities on the mountain. With corresponding expectations, we ordered the big dog - nominally with even stronger support. In this respect we were unfortunately disappointed.

was delivered - neatly packaged and in perfect condition - with a long delay in January. it happens. It wasn't until the weekend that I had the opportunity to test drive due to the weather: the first impression of a single drive was confirmed during a longer comparison drive. The Bigdog seems tougher overall and is inferior to the Escape on steep climbs - even though the bike is a bit lighter. Technical support will hopefully answer whether it's the controller or the other display.

User picture
01/20/2023 Long Range Moped-Style Electric Bike
sara Jane mumford
Perfect in every way

Wow what a great bike. I should add this is my fourth electric bike I’m a bit of a collector for this price range it’s incredible it’s got power good battery life and handles like a dream I live on a farm and I’ve tested it off road extensively. It’s a winner

12/29/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Cathy Lawson
I love my Himiway Zebra!

Loving my new Himiway Zebra! In one week of ownership I have ridden it several times locally and for one 100km distance ride. Its comfortable and easy to operate, plus it looks great! I cant wait for my next ride!

12/26/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Gary Allen
Exactly What I Was Looking For

Someone recommended, I read, and then I ordered. I knew with the baskets I could convert in a matter of minutes into a fishing buggy to ride 4 km each way every day to my fishing club. I am 75 years old. Thank you Himiway for a great product and company !!!

User picture
12/23/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Santiago Bennett
Nice Ride

I am pleased with the ride of my Zebra Steo Though over my first e-bike. I did change the seat and put a shock post on it which made the ride even better. Thanks Himiway

12/20/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Adam Dudek
Best bike

I have 53km on this bike and performs well. This is a great bike very easy to ride.

12/15/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Terry Hanners
Excellant service and bike

Well pleased with the service. Recieved shipment in a week and bikes perform really well. Its already proved itself beneficial for my arthritic knees plus its fun as heck . I bought two cruisers

11/30/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Aaron Clark
Happy Zebra Owner

After watching lots of ebike reviews back to the initial release of the Himiway Cruiser, I finally purchased a Himiway Zebra about 3 weeks ago. I've ridden over 200 km already and love the solid feel and power of the bike. The quality motor, battery, frame, and components Himiway selected for this are a great value for the price. I've had several people stop me while I'm riding to ask questions about it. They're always impressed when I tell them how much it costs. This has helped me get outside and enjoy local sites that I haven't visited for years. Overall, I'm very happy with my Zebra purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone considering an ebike purchase.

User picture
11/27/2022 Electric Cargo Bike
Harvey Wilson
It is a great Bike from a great companya?|.

All I can say after lots of research, mostly on Youtube, I came to the conclusion that the Himiway E-bike is the best for my use. It is well mad and reasonably priced.

User picture
11/19/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Patrick Weart
Excellent bike

Im always skeptical about buying without seeing/touching; however after reading reviews I decided to buy two Hemiway Zebra bikes (step-through & step-over). Not only were they delivered within 5 days, the quality of the bikes surpassed my expectations. These bikes are sturdy and well made, but they are on the heavier side. Ive gotten compliments on our bikes and asked where to get them. At this point these bikes have done exactly what they have been advertised to do. Im hoping to report good longevity out of my purchase in Hemiway.

User picture User picture
11/18/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
William Thompson
First electric bike

The Himiway have made me feel like a kid again. We have fun exploring the many bike trails in the area. The motor really helps me with the hills climbing and riding longer distances. The Himiway e-bike are well put together at a good pricing. Batteries life on the Zebra ST are excellent. I will purchase another Himiway e-bike for my wife.

solid bike, pedal assist has some smarts

My previous bike was a RadRover, it didn't support customizing the pedal assist like the Cruiser does. Anyway, the pedal assist on the Rover was simple, just a fixed amount of power per level. The Cruiser does it differently, the levels are more like your cruising speed, it gives motor full power until you hit the speed, then varies the power to help you keep the speed, it's smarter and smooth. It means you don't need to use the throttle much, I was using the throttle all the time with the Rover, very little with the Cruiser, using the pedal assist more as it's smart. Nice bike.

11/12/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Joseph Presley
Fantastic Bike

The Cruiser makes bike riding fun again! Not just for me but my twenty-something kids came home from college and they won stay off my new wheels! Reminds you of why you loved to ride again. Sleek design , you can tell it’s an ebiike.

11/12/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Jack Battles
Perfect for commuting

This bike is true to its name, it a beast for commuting. Now I gotta save up for a wagon/trailer of some kind. It l basically be my car replacement. I truly loving it so far, hope it stays that way

11/12/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Kevin Raby
Awesome - so much fun!

We love the new Himiway Cruisers - ordered two - one for me - one step-thru model for my wife. Product arrived on time - well packaged - no issues with shipment. We are enjoying the new e-bike experience.

11/12/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Cynthia Mitchell
My first electric bike by Himway.

The Cruiser is solid and quick. I've made a few scratches on it since purchase but I use it every day.
It feels great getting to the store and back in record time. Riding down backstreets I don't feel that sinking feeling of; "Now I have to pedal all the way back." Thank you for this superior product it has changed my lifestyle.

User picture
11/12/2022 Electric Cargo Bike
SO awesome!

We have two of Himiway's Big Dog ebikes, and they are awesome! The bikes themselves couldn't be more perfect for us. They'll haul like a mule and are a hoot to ride. The customer service has been top notch from the sale to shipping and beyond. We couldn't be happier :)

11/07/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Maek Bozek

Bought the Cruiser for my wife after reading reviews and test riding it at a bike shop. Ie rode expensive specialized ebikes before, and feel the Himiway superseded our needs. Since buying one our neighbors have also bought Himiway.

11/06/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Larry Holt

I bought two and they are amazing. My wife are have a great time. I just ordered two baskets for the front of the. Only bad thing is the uses of FED EX. Horrible delivery schedule changed multiple time. Please choose a new delivery company.

11/05/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Anthony Campbell
Very happy!

My first e-bike. Love it.
1. Its big and heavy, so it takes some practice rides to get used to it on trails.
2. Brakes are good. Seat is pretty comfortable. I wonder if I want a larger seat surface.
3. Glad I purchased it. It shipped without any issues, and its fun, fun to ride.

User picture
11/01/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
William Cantrell
Could not have been better.

Perfect from order to riding. Great!

10/30/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Louis Poppert
Very nice

Well made
Impressive power

10/29/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Di Crawford
Fab Bike

I just got my Himiway Zebra for my 60th birthday and I love it ! I am female 172cm tall and weigh 67kg - when I first saw the bike I was actually a it scared ! It looked q bit like a motorbike! However I got over my fear very quickly and am now zooming about on it . it was great ! I have been a few long trips 65km and the battery is fab - it on went down 2 bars and I was on full power, hardly pedalling on the way back .I am not technical but suffice to say the bike is really good fun and I love it !

User picture
10/27/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Muji Mujeeb
Amazing e-bike

I love it. I love everything about it. It sooo much fun. The range is great. The front brake has some issues, the battery frame came damaged. Apart from this everything works. I am having too much fun. I literally find an excuse to ride this. It’s been a week and almost hitting 100km :)

10/27/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Darcy Whidahway
In love

I absolutely love my bike. It has helped me get much needed exercise for my legs. I am 69 years old, I now have have renewed stamina for walking stairs and taking walks, (although I much prefer riding to walking.) Thank you for this product.

10/27/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Owen Clark
Having fun on a Himiway E-bike

I love my Cruiser. I'm a new Electric bike owner. It is a great bike! I love the choice this bike gives me from a slow ride to getting there fast.
Thanks guys for building a great bike!

User picture
10/25/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Benny Martin
Exceeded expectations

Been considering these things for a couple years now. After doing my due diligence and YouTube videos, purchased the Himiway. My sweet spot was 2000 with a dealer network. The thought of assembling an ebike for the first time is unappealing. Had bike and all accessories shipped to a local dealer for complete assembly. I just went over 100 km, no issues. Brakes performed nicely on steep downgrades.
Overall very pleased with product, company and field support.

10/24/2022 Electric Cargo Bike
Otto Medina
So far so good.

This bike is what I expected. Strong and easy to assemble. It would be nice if comes with a set of mirrors and front basket, other than that, I like it.

10/23/2022 Electric Cargo Bike
Torsten Spradau
Just great

Also the support is recommended. Just say thank you
Bike arrived super packed. No problem building for two people. I can only recommend it

10/22/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Robert D Yoder

Great bike, love the power and long range of the battery.

10/20/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Darcy Chriancec
This bike is perfect for

I am almost 70 with fibromyalgia and could not ride a bike very far. My hubby talked me into an electric bike and we found this company and got into the Facebook Group. Everyone was so positive about the bikes and the company. I got a Zebra in Gray and can ride so far with my hubby. The comfort seat I'd the best. So comfortable!

10/17/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
John Bazinet

Got my bike and my wives bike delivered last week. After a quick and easy assembly, we went for our first ride. The bikes are everything we hoped they would be and much much more. Absolutely great bikes. It rained today and we were so upset that we couldn’t get out and ride. Thank you Himiway for a great bike.

10/17/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Yolanda Dell
Great starter e-bike

Cannot express enough as to how heavy this bike is. Having risen bikes my whole life, I never thought I would enjoy the e-bike world as much as I do. My only complaint is the weight. She rides great, handles well, and is just simply a great starter bike. I know I will upgrade on my next purchase but for now I’m hooked.

10/15/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Ava Campell
back to riding

my Cruiser bike is totally awesome. I am a 74-year-old man with knee replacements. With this bike, I can get out again ride and get exercise, knowing I can get back home.
I have the racks for tools and water if needed. The enjoyment of getting out and the feeling of independence are great. I hope more seniors would try out these bikes from HIMIWAY e-Bikes.
The personnel is super nice and very cooperative, and the response time has been in 24 hours.

User picture
10/09/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Mark Polukoshko
Perfect for Truckers

This bike is amazing - very well built and heavy duty. Perfect for shuttling around town for truckers who dont want to eat at the typical truck stops or to get some excessive during downtime

User picture
10/06/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Gabriel Nelso
Awesome thing

Really enjoy the freedom I get having this bike. I have hip and back issues that have kept me from getting out and enjoying the greenways being built all over this area. Now my wife and I get out and hit the trail every weekend.

User picture
10/06/2022 Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike
Landon Moore
Just so so

Overall experience has been pretty good. On day two after my purchase I got a flat tire but the company quickly reimbursed me for repairs and sent me a pair of new tires. I’m still a little unsure of the tire pressure in the rear wheel, So I am constantly monitoring to ensure it maintains adequate pressure

08/21/2022 Electric Cargo Bike
Kenneth Bermel
Really fun

Absolutely fun. I'm 71 and have always enjoyed riding a bike. With the pedal assist I can ride for many more miles. I pedal about 98% of the time, including up step hills. I have always had problem with leg cramps and muscle soreness. With this bike I have neither. The longest ride I've took is 28 miles and the battery was still indicating a full charge. I would like shock absorbers for the back wheels though. It was hard for me to spend this much money for a bike, but I'm SO glad I did.

08/19/2022 Electric Cargo Bike
Nathan Mantain
Let's Go!

Got it for my wife so she can keep up with me as we go biking. It was such a pain to keep my pace at hers and I knew she felt bad, but we love doing things together. This bike allows her to get the work out she needs and still keep up with me so I can get my workout. Win-win situation.

06/12/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Candice Russell
Great Bike so far

I bought the fat tire cruiser for my husband..Sometimes we find it hard as slightly taller people to find bicycles, where you can get full leg extensions while peddling.
The bike is heavy & sturdy. It took less than an hour to assemble. We found a YouTube video that helped with assembly. Were going to try out his bike for a few months & then we are going to order one for me.
We are excited for this journey!

User picture
02/12/2022 Electric Cargo Bike
M Conaty
Looking forward to many years and many miles

So far I am thrilled with my Big Dog. I am a larger rider and found it difficult to find a bicycle that would meet my requirements.
I couldn't be happier with my purchase so far. Great product and even better customer service. Would definitely recommend.

02/10/2022 Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
Jeff Newstead
Long Range Fat Tire

All around perfect bike with easy instructions and fast shipping. So far it's a 5

User picture