Stephen Huntington
Excellent bike, excellent company

I bought my Cruiser through a dealer, rather than directly from Himiway. Himiway organised direct delivery, using a fast and very courteous service with 2 man crew bringing the huge box inside and placing it where I wanted.

It was really easy to set up, with the hardest part lifting it out of the box. This is a BIG bike...ideal size for me.
Beautifully designed, solid and very much to my aesthetic taste.

I watched the setup videos before starting and would recommend everyone does the same. If you follow the sequence you will only need to do it once.

Mine came with a couple of issues around power assist level functionality, where only level 5 gave sufficient (full power) assistance, but customer service are working hard to resolve it. The included new style screen does not allow for user programming of power output of assist levels, like the old style one does. I'm sure it will be a simple fix, following customer service advice. For the week awaiting a new old style screen, I'll be on full assist.

My cruiser also came supplied with the new style oval headlight, which I think looks much better than the old style round one. I've changed the mount position closer to the handlebar though as it looks and functions better.

I'm so impressed that I will start saving for another Himiway model for next purchase

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William Hughes
Great purchase, however.

This bike arrived with great time and the staff were lovely and responsive throughout. However there were a couple of caveats I feel they should have made clearer. They should have stated that free delivery does not include those who order from Northern Ireland. They should also remind buyers that are more unaware of bike laws in the U.K./EU that these bike models have their throttles capped to 6kpm/3mph speeds.

Nevertheless this product is great and was easy to build.


Richard Stevens
Don't underestimate this bike.

I currently weigh 260lbs, and this bike can easily carry my weight given it can carry 350lbs. I live in a rather hilly area, and my initial scepticism about 250w ebikes was dubious at first. I can reveal after going out on it 4 times now in various directions. The bike just eats the hills up and is a very pleasant experience. My ebike came with a different display and was a little tricky to understand at first. Thank god for YouTube. The bike itself is much bigger than any picture or video makes the bike look, and could be a little intimidating at first for people on the smaller end this bike height wise can carry.

Would I buy this bike again?




Mark Sampson
Feels safe and comfortable

Had the Himiway cruiser for two weeks now , it’s replaced the car for my 4 trips to work a day and for trips to meet friends or do small shops. So amazing, I leave the house at 4:45am each morning into the cold and dark and often rain and I actually look forward to the 2 mile commute now . I generally go everywhere on asssit 4 and straight up a long hill from my house and the battery still has 3 bars and I have done 51 miles !!! . If you’re in Britain you can only throttle 3.5 mph as that’s the law but the assist is almost like not pedalling so all good. It’s very comfy and you feel safe , you definitely have a presence in the road and other vehicles treat you with respect. The after care customer service is very good too . I recommend Himiway great machines 👍🏼


Matt Cooper
Himiway Cruiser

I love my Himiway Cruiser. It’s comfortable, looks great , easy to ride. The battery life is pretty good, I weigh around 94 kg and can get around 66 miles out of a charge. Would highly recommend especially for the price I don’t think you can beat it.


david smith

so far, i have only covered 21km, but it was effortless. I put the bike together in a couple of hours the saw that I was supposed to watch the video first (to late)
so far, loving it .
looking forward to many miles of enjoyment.


Zeeshan Gulzar
Himiway cruiser

It’s a good bike overall but main problem after 2 weeks of buying this bike brakes doesn’t work properly they hardly stop the bike I pay 1500£ and just in 2 weeks brake gone wth bike is good but brakes so shit


Andrew McCaslin
Car Replacement

Due to illness I have had to give up driving for three to six months
After a bit of thought and looking at reviews I decided to purchase a Cruiser. Delivered In three working days and the packaging was superb. I’ve used the bike for about two weeks and done 120 miles backwards and forwards to work
I’m 65 I’ve not cycled for over 40 years . I’m bloody impressed. The quality and finish is superb it’s fast enough flat out to move very well in town traffic . My commute to work is not killing me , in fact I’ve lost weight and am feeling fitter . A good purchase , might get a paper round when I retire next year. Brilliant Engineering



Alan Maddern
Himiway Cruiser

Brilliant bike I just cant fault it a good all round bike A1


Jason Liddle
Himiway cruiser

100% happy with my purchase, well built ebike & easy to assemble & use.
I got delivery in 2 days. Would recommend to family and friends


James Cannell
My first e-bike is a Cruiser

I bought my Himiway Cruiser recently which was a very smooth and easy process. The bike came in 3 days and was quite easy to assemble despite it coming with a German Manual. My only disappointment was that Himiway support couldn't send me a hard copy English one and could only send an electronic one. However, so far, I am delighted with the bike. It performs well and has adequate power to help me with all the hills where I live and battery life is good. Long may it continue

Caroline Jones

Absolutely loving my new bike.


After a week with the bike.

This is my review after a week with the himiway cruiser.
So far this bike is great, it makes riding a bike almost effortless and it's alot of fun to ride around town. The bike is smooth and runs great out of the box. However there are some things that annoy me with this e-bike. The first issue is shipping times. From what I can tell it is very common to get a late delivery time with this bike. Another thing is the plastic mudguard clips, they just keep breaking on my bike and I can't find any replacements online that fit the himiway cruiser. I've contacted support for this so hopefully they send me some replacements or send me a link to somewhere I can purchase more. Also the bike is very clunky. Weighing in at around 42kg this is to be expected with this type of bike. However it is difficult to bring up and down stairs (this honestly is a minor annoyance) but apart from that the bike is great and is definitely a great bike for beginners. It's very future proof and you can basically mod it out as much as you desire. I gave the bike a major stress test over some bumpy fields and some rocky terrain and it's safe to say that this thing is a tank. I just wish instead of these plastic mudguard clips they instead had metal ones because I see these breaking alot over heavy use.

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Richard Miles
Brilliant bike

The best thing I have bought in years. Good, price, fast delivery and easy to put together. The fat tyres and suspension give a comfortable ride. My recommendation is to find a quiet road to learn how everything works and avoid traffic until you've built up confidence. I like the pedal assist I get some exercise, although I have knee joint problems, so can't pedal too hard or long or pedal uphill. Longest ride to date was 25 miles which left more than half a battery to spare. It's also great for short trips around town.
One of the best selling points for me was that the bike comes with everything you'll need. Fenders (mudguards where I come from), lights, a rack on the back and a bell! Just get yourself a good lock as it attracts a lot of attention.



Better than expected. Really good build quality, well made components. Plenty of speed, power and range. Best value. I would absolutely recommend


William Chloe

Researched several electric bikes before purchasing and kept coming back to Himiway. Has almost 100 miles on it already. No issues - Love it - Great Value!


Laimontas Bajarunas

Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike


Eddie Jefferies
Start of a long term review

Link to review


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Michael Edwardson
This is the bike you need

Absolutely blown away how good this purchase has been
The bike is even better than I thought
Thank you Himiway


Terry Hanners
Excellant service and bike

Well pleased with the service. Recieved shipment in a week and bikes perform really well. Its already proved itself beneficial for my arthritic knees plus its fun as heck . I bought two cruisers


solid bike, pedal assist has some smarts

My previous bike was a RadRover, it didn't support customizing the pedal assist like the Cruiser does. Anyway, the pedal assist on the Rover was simple, just a fixed amount of power per level. The Cruiser does it differently, the levels are more like your cruising speed, it gives motor full power until you hit the speed, then varies the power to help you keep the speed, it's smarter and smooth. It means you don't need to use the throttle much, I was using the throttle all the time with the Rover, very little with the Cruiser, using the pedal assist more as it's smart. Nice bike.


Joseph Presley
Fantastic Bike

The Cruiser makes bike riding fun again! Not just for me but my twenty-something kids came home from college and they won stay off my new wheels! Reminds you of why you loved to ride again. Sleek design , you can tell it’s an ebiike.


Cynthia Mitchell
My first electric bike by Himway.

The Cruiser is solid and quick. I've made a few scratches on it since purchase but I use it every day.
It feels great getting to the store and back in record time. Riding down backstreets I don't feel that sinking feeling of; "Now I have to pedal all the way back." Thank you for this superior product it has changed my lifestyle.

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Kevin Raby
Awesome - so much fun!

We love the new Himiway Cruisers - ordered two - one for me - one step-thru model for my wife. Product arrived on time - well packaged - no issues with shipment. We are enjoying the new e-bike experience.


Larry Holt

I bought two and they are amazing. My wife are have a great time. I just ordered two baskets for the front of the. Only bad thing is the uses of FED EX. Horrible delivery schedule changed multiple time. Please choose a new delivery company.


Anthony Campbell
Very happy!

My first e-bike. Love it.
1. Its big and heavy, so it takes some practice rides to get used to it on trails.
2. Brakes are good. Seat is pretty comfortable. I wonder if I want a larger seat surface.
3. Glad I purchased it. It shipped without any issues, and its fun, fun to ride.

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Louis Poppert
Very nice

Well made
Impressive power



Owen Clark
Having fun on a Himiway E-bike

I love my Cruiser. I'm a new Electric bike owner. It is a great bike! I love the choice this bike gives me from a slow ride to getting there fast.
Thanks guys for building a great bike!

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