1. Why was it named Big Dog?
Dogs are considered mankind’s most faithful friends; they’re great company, and we treat them as close family members. Big Dog is designed to be your best friend.

2. How quickly can it be assembled?
Big Dog e-bikes can be assembled in 45–60 minutes.

3. Why do the moped frame and fat tires produce a better riding experience?
The moped frame makes commuting easier and faster. The frame’s design effectively improves battery durability and is very friendly to cycling beginners. The fat tires provide massive grip and mechanical stability in complex riding conditions, protecting the riding safety of cyclists, especially the elderly.

4. What is an integrated battery?
An integrated battery means the battery is embedded in the frame, protecting it from the wind, rain, and humidity. Long-time exposure to a humid environment is not recommended for maintaining your bike.

5. Which class of e-bike does the Himiway Big Dog belong to?
Himiway Big Dog is a class 2 e-bike with pedal assist.

6. What advantage does Big Dog’s centre kickstand have?
The centre kickstand is built with rust-resistant, sturdy, and durable aluminium alloy, making it more convenient for replacing and repairing parts.