E-Road Bikes

Electric Road Bikes 

A road bike is the fastest way to cycle on tarmac. Drop handlebars offer an aerodynamic riding position while narrow tyres roll quickly Whether you’re looking for a beginner road bike or a premium race bike Many adults find that a men’s/unisex road bike is suitable for them, but female cyclists generally prefer the fit and feel of a women’s road bike.

Endurance road bikes with carbon frames are comfortable and efficient, so they’re great for long distance cycling. 

If you enjoy riding on roads, but want a bit of help to keep your speed up or to get you up hills, there are a number of drop-bar eBikes out there from well-known brands.

Many motors and batteries can be unobtrusive, too, so it’s less than obvious that you’re riding an ebike. 

However, with many road riders achieving speeds on the flat close to 15mph or above, you may feel that you’re carrying dead weight around with the motor cutting out at that top assisted speed.

It will conserve battery, though, and with careful use you can get significantly more mileage out of an ebike system than the typical 75km quoted range, so more ambitious, longer excursions will be within reach.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in riding a wider range of terrain, there are an increasing number of gravel ebike options out there. With wider tyres and more grip, they’ll help you tackle the rough stuff.

Pros: Fast for road riding and lightweight (for an electric bike)

Cons: Extra weight for no gain if you’re riding over 15mph


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