DEB-Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

Many biking retailers insist on using a specific chart, however this is not how you find the perfect fitting bike. Instead each bike is different therefore it fits different heights depending on its frame. Our suppliers we have come up with a solution to this, with our hardworking stakeholders we have worked out a height range for each bike.

The Recommended Rider Height is the most up-to-date system in the UK to make sure that customers find the most appropriate bike based on their height so that customers get the right size first time. You can find the Recommended Rider Height in the Specifications section of each bike. To find out if a bike would be a perfect fit, all you have to make sure is that your height is within the Recommended Rider Height range.

Please note that all bike tyre diameters are the rim diameter, this is excluding the tyre. By purchasing a bike from Electric Bikes Direct all customers confirm to have
read this information.