Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike


2 Year Warranty 15 Day Return  Free Shipping
  • The Cruiser bike frame perfectly combines unparalleled adaptability to complex cycling conditions with exceptional comfort.
  • Removable 48V Samsung battery with 250W motor allows you to go anywhere within 60 miles solidly.
  • 26-inch Kenda fat tire offers tremendous grip and mechanical stability.
  • The high-end Shimano 7 gear shift system can save 15% of the battery with proper use.
  • All the components of Himiway Cruiser are guaranteed with a 2 year warranty.



Long Range Step-Thru Electric Bike


2 Year Warranty 15 Day Return  Free Shipping

  • Cruiser Step-thru is an elegant and versatile bike that retains all of the Cruiser’s excellent performance features.
  • The low step design based on the Cruiser frame provides convenience and exceptional comfort for senior generations.
  • Classified as a ternary lithium battery, it provides the perfect balance between capacity, safety, and performance.
  • 4-inch-wide fat tires provide traction and stability over the toughest terrains.
  • 15% of battery usage can be saved by the Shimano 7 gear shift system, which allows you to go further with Himiway bikes.


HIMIWAY ZEBRA    Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike


2 Year Warranty 15 Day Return  Free Shipping
  • The Zebra ebike is equipped with powerful 250W gear hub motor and upgraded inner ring.
  • With removable 960Wh Samsung/LG battery capacity and 52 5000mAh cells, you can charge the ebike more conveniently.
  • The design of 26-inch Kenda fat tire strengthens the traction, avoiding slipping on the ground and sinking in mud or snow.
  • The frame of the Zebra ebike is made of high-quality updated 6061 Aluminum, sturdy and durable.
  • The riding milage of the Zebra ebike is 80 miles with pedal assist and 60 miles range with pure electric power.


    HIMIWAY BIG DOG                             Electric Cargo Bike


    2 Year Warranty 15 Day Return  Free Shipping
    • With the Multifunctional Extra Large rear rack, the BIG DOG Ebike has a 400 lbs payload capacity, making it ideal for carrying heavy stuffs or giving your pet a ride.
    • The moped design makes it suitable for daily commuting and gives you a comfortable and safe ride.
    • The BIG DOG ebike is equipped with 20”x 4” fat tires and 250W updated motor, providing enough power to carry your heavy cargo.
    • With Car-level 48V 20A battery tech, the BIG DOG Ebike can reach 60 - 80 miles.
    • The intelligent pedal-assisted system can automatically adjust power according to different road conditions.


    HIMIWAY ESCAPE PRO           Moped-Style Electric Bike

    (Recommend Retail price £1.799.00) reduced to £1499.00

    2 Year Warranty 15 Day Return  Free Shipping

      • Moped-frames are designed for commuting, which can improve battery durability and be friendly to cycling beginners.
      • The removable 48V 17.5AH Samsung battery with a 2 year warranty guarantees your 45-mile trouble-free distance.
      • Equipping 20”x 4” fat tires and 250W motor, this beast can help you conquer any terrain by providing massive grip and motor power.
      • An intelligent pedal-assist system can automatically adjust power while facing different riding conditions.
      • Our unique dual suspension system provides maximum comfort to riders on bumpy roads.


      HIMIWAY COBRA              Softail Mountain Electric Bike


      2 Year Warranty 15 Day Return  Free Shipping

      • The Cobra ebike adopts a strong high-end mountain bike four-bar linkage suspension and coil suspension, absorbing any bumps on the way down the trail.
      • The 26”X4.8” CST super fat tires, as the biggest ebike tires in the U.K. market, make riding more stable to suit all road conditions.
      • The frame of Cobra ebike is made of Solid 6061 Aluminum Frame, and you can enjoy a lifetime warranty.
      • The Cobra ebike is equipped with powerful 250W gear hub motor and upgraded inner ring.
      • With automobile-level 48V 20A Samsung/LG Lithium-ion battery, the long-lasting Cobra battery can provide you a day of urban or mountain cycling.


      Which Model Suits You The Best?


      The Moped-Style Bike

      The original intention of moped-style design is to provide great convenience and sufficient comfort for riders.

      Our best selling moped style E-Bike equipped with 48V Samsung battery and 20 x 4 inches fat tires. Dual Suspension and puncture-resistant fat tires provide incredible braking performance and stability. 250W motor power and 7 gear shift system make your riding easier under any cycling conditions. Want a moped-style E-bike with longer range, better performance and stronger power? Himiway Escape will always be your best choice.

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