Electric Road Bikes

Here are some general details about electric road bikes,  (A selection available at the bottom of the page)

1. Electric assist: Electric road bikes are equipped with an electric motor that provides assistance to the rider while pedalling. The motor is usually located in the bottom bracket or hub of the bike and can be turned on or off as needed.

2. Lightweight design: Electric road bikes are designed to be lightweight, allowing riders to travel at high speeds and maneuver easily on the road.

3. Efficient design: Electric road bikes are designed to be efficient, with narrow tires and a streamlined frame that reduce wind resistance and make pedaling easier.

4. Speed: Electric road bikes can reach speeds of up to 28 mph, which allows riders to cover more distance in less time and keep up with the pace of traffic on the road.

5. Battery life: The battery life of electric road bikes varies, but most models have a range of 30-60 miles on a single charge, making them ideal for longer commutes or recreational rides.

6. Durability: Electric road bikes are built to be sturdy and durable, with high-quality materials and components that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

7. Adjustability: Electric road bikes come in different sizes and are designed to be adjustable, allowing riders to find the perfect fit for their body type and riding style.

8. Comfortable riding position: Electric road bikes are designed with a comfortable, slightly aggressive riding position that puts the rider in an aerodynamic position for more efficient riding.

9. Safety features: Electric road bikes come equipped with safety features like lights, reflectors, and a bell, to help riders stay visible and alert while riding on the road.

10. Eco-friendly: Electric road bikes are an eco-friendly transportation option that produces zero emissions and helps reduce the carbon footprint of urban transportation.

11. Accessories: Electric road bikes can be equipped with accessories like pannier racks, fenders, and bike bags, making them more versatile for commuting and touring.

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