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Electric Cars/Vans

Many people are switching to ELECTRIC VEHICLES in order to minimize their negative impact on the environment. Without the need to burn expensive petrol, today’s vehicles don’t contribute nearly as much to air pollution as traditional cars and you don’t need to sacrifice style, elegance or comfort to reap the financial and environmental benefits.

Today’s cars have a wealth of features that you may find surprising. In addition to re-sealable tires, programmable charging systems, and regenerative braking, modern electric cars also boast built-in CD players, electric windows, and heating and air conditioning. Battery technology has advanced over the years. The state-of-the-art batteries in these cars charge more quickly and last for longer trips than ever before. Comfort and functionality are equal to or better than cars with a petrol-fuelled engine. You don’t sacrifice much of anything by switching to an electric car.

Owning a reliable, durable, comfortable electric car may make a lot of sense to you, your family, your wallet as well as the environment.
If you’re looking to make a change to a more green way of life, an electric car could be a great step to take. Our experts can help you through every stage of purchasing your new electric vehicle from deciding which model is right for you through to delivering it to your home. We take pride in our expertise and our great customer service so don’t hesitate to contact us if you think an electric car could benefit you and your family.