10 Reasons Cycling is good for you !

1. Cycling improves the cardiovascular system.

Regular physical activity reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. 30 minutes exercise per day strengthens the heart muscle an helps combat cholesterol and prevents hardening of the arteries


2. Cycling strengthens the immune system.

Exposing yourself to varying weather conditions together with physical exertion is extremely effective in boosting the immune system

3. Cycling improves Chest and Lung functions.

The lungs particularly benefit from the rhythmic, cyclical nature of cycling.
The continual receipt of fresh air and the increased breathing rate strengthens the chest muscles and lung capacity. 

4. Cycling helps with back pain.

Small muscles in the lower back are strengthened with rhythmic cycling. The repetitive pedalling action helps alleviate chronic back pain.

5. Cycling helps combat depression.

Endorphins are produced as a result of physical activity. Cyclists become relaxed after only 30 minutes cycling.

6. Cycling protects the joints.

Since a Cyclist is in a sitting position Cycling is gentle on the joints. Cyclical repetitive actions relaxes the joints and removes toxins, especially the knee joint.most affected by runners.

7. Cycling stimulates the brain.

Exercise increases blood flow to the brain., the brain becomes more active, attracting good ideas.

8. Cycling improves coordination.

the co-ordination of balance, steering, pedalling, observing road conditions, speed, and  concentration,  all add to the upgrading of awareness and aid migration into other sports.

9. Cycling helps weight loss.

progressive duration of cycling aids effective fat-burning. Keen cyclists should opt for longer rides at lower intensity to increase their metabolism. Training plans can help here.

 10. Cycling improves sleep. 

Scientists have determined that sleep is significantly improved in active people.
Endurance sports promote relaxation as apposed to competitive sports.




A tired Cyclist is a happy one! 

A summary from bikecitizen.net

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