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Why named it Zebra? Zebra has great stamina and they can run at full speed for over a mile. Even the world’s fastest animal, the cheetah can’t run longer than the Zebra. Our ebike can go up to 80 miles, which other ebikes can hardly reach.
How long can it be assembled? Zebra E-bikes can be assembled in 45-60 minutes.
What differs Zebra from Cruiser? Himiway Zebra is equipped with 48V 20Ah Samgsung/LG Lithium-ion Battery with integrated design, upgraded motor, hydraulic disc brake as well as a stronger frame.
What is the difference between Step Over and Step Thru? Step-thru is more friendly to women or seniors less flexible.
What is an integrated battery? An integrated battery means battery embedded in the frame, which makes the ebike more windproof, rainproof and vapour-proof. Long-time exposure to humid environment is not suggested for maintaining your bike.
What enables it to run up to 80 miles? It can go up to 80 miles because of its 5 levels pedal assist, 7 speed gear shift and 960Wh strong battery and also your proper operation.