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 Does Step-Thru have other colour options? The Step-Thru currently only has the white colour version.
Does my height/weight suit the bike? The recommended rider height is 5'3" ~ 6'2", payload 350 lbs at maximum.
Which class of E-bike does Himiway Cruiser Step-thru belong to? Himiway Cruiser Step-thru belongs to class 2 E-bike with pedal assist.
Generally, how long will it take to assemble? Our customers generally need 45 to 70 minutes to assemble the bike. Does it take too long? Check out the Himiway's official instruction video or find a pro on Voletooler for help.
What does step-thru mean? What is a step-thru bike? Step-through bikes offer riders the most upright riding position and will also be the easiest for riders to mount and dismount by simply stepping through the curved frame. 
What is the top speed of Himiway Cruiser Step-thru? For the UK market, the top speed of Himiway Cruiser Step-thru is around 25mph without pedaling, which is absolutely legal.
What benefits can Himiway step-thru bring to senior generations while riding? The low step design can effectively prevent injuries. Meanwhile, it brings tremendous convenience for all groups. The white color with vintage rear rack offers a sense of grace and elegance. As our slogan claims: Ride with Elegance; Ride with convenience; Ride with Himiway.
What are the advantages of fat tires in all terrain conditions? 20"X4" Kenda puncture resistant tires offer upgrade grip and skid resistance ability. The unique tread pattern is designed and tested for riding in extremely wet and slippery conditions. The width of the tire can decline bumps in order to reduce fatigue and guarantee your safety.