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Ah, the REAVER Electric Mountain Bike, a beast of the off-road terrain! The advantages are pretty sweet. First off, that electric motor is like having your own personal trailside cheerleader—giving you that extra push when the going gets tough. Plus, you can cover more ground without feeling like you just conquered Everest.

The battery life is another game-changer. No need to worry about running out of steam halfway through your adventure. And let's not forget the joy of zipping uphill with minimal effort. It's like having a secret superpower.

Of course, the sturdy build and rugged design make it a trusty companion on any trail. Whether you're a seasoned mountain biker or just starting out, the REAVER seems to have your back. Anything specific you're curious about?

Bike Specifications. 

Range - Around 40 Km depending on weight and motor use

Motor - 250W

Battery - 36v 9 Ah Lithium

Max Speed - 25 Km/Hr

Frame Material - Aluminium

Wheel Size - 26 inches

load Capacity -120 Kg


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