MEV City 3.0 Electric Car - EBSCR119

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The MEV City 3.0 Electric Car is a zero-emissions vehicle. It is a two-seater car with air conditioning and power steering. It gives a maximum speed of 45 kmph and a driving range of 80 km.

Key Specifications:

  •  Driving Type: AC Brushless Motor
  •  Battery Capacity: 12V 120 Ah
  •  Maximum Speed: 45 KM/H [30 mph]
  •  Continuous Driving Range: 80 km [50 miles]
  •  Climbing Ability: 20%
  •  Front Brake: Disc-Type Hydraulic Brake
  •  Rear Brake: Disc-Type Hydraulic Brake
  •  Parking Brake: Hand Brake
  •  Wheel Rim: Aluminium-Alloy Rim
  •  Wheel Base: 1500 mm

The MEV City 3.0 Electric Car is driven by a 60V 3.5 kilowatts AC brushless motor. The vehicle runs on 12V 120 Ah maintenance-free VRLA battery. This is a 100% electric car available in nine different colour options. It comes with air conditioning, a power steering feature, and a reversing camera for easier parking. The MEV City 3.0 electric car gives a maximum speed limit of 45 kilometres per hour (30 miles per hour) and a continuous driving range of 80 kilometres per hour (50 miles per hour).
The vehicle has a climbing ability of 20 per cent. It comes with a disc-type hydraulic brake system both on the front and rear and a hand brake for parking. The electric car is fitted with 1500 mm wide wheels with aluminium alloy rims. The exterior design comes with a panoramic sunroof, electric windows, an openable electric rear window, a wiper and washer, a central locking system, and a park assist. It has a safety cage design. The interior of the MEV City 3.0 car has a safety belt for the driver and auxiliary driver. It has LCD meters, USB charging port, Bluetooth, a radio, two stereo speakers with an adjustable antenna, an anti-slip floor, defog device, a window de-mister, and more attractive features.

Manufacturers Specifications


Max Speed :

30mph / 45kmh

Standard Range:

50 mile / 80km



Width :


Height :


Wheel Base:


Front Wheel Track;


Rear Wheel Track:


Min. Ground Clearance :


Curb Weight :


Seat Number :

2 pcs

Driving Type :

AC Brushless Motor

Rated Power :

3.5kw (3.0) 7.5kw (5.0)

Battery Type:

Maintenance-free VRLA (3.0) Lithium LFP (5.0)

Battery Spec:

12V 120Ah / 12v 100Ah

Charger Type:

Via domestic plug , cable or EC , Type 1 or 2 cable

Charging Volt:

90v – 220v (50-60Hz)

Shifting :


Transmission :

Single Reduction

Differential Case :


Drive :

Rear axle

Front Suspension :

McPherson Independent, Suspension

Rear Suspension :

Trailing Arm , Independent

Body Structure :

Integral Frame Structure

Front Brake :

Disc-Type Hydraulic Brake

Rear Brake :

Disc-Type Hydraulic Brake

Parking Brake :

Hand Brake

Front Wheel :


Rear Wheel :


Wheel Rim :

Aluminium-Alloy Rim


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